Governor OFF

biscoe rack

Welcome to the off season.  As demonstrated in the Opens, GPP is essential to be a successful CrossFit competitor.  Here at CFS, general classes are excellent for developing GPP (Less skill and technical movement focused, metcons that are lighter and faster, and still a great deal of strength).  During the off season, we are going to be running BT alongside general classes more often, including everyday for the next few weeks.  We also hope to reinforce community between the competitors and the general class members by commingling for classes.

During days the WODs are the same, toasties are encouraged to work out in the main space in green with the general class, there will not be a separate coach in the toaster. If space is limited at 6pm, we will overflow into the toaster. If the toaster is not occupied it will be open for extra work and weakness training.

The offseason is the time to turn weaknesses into strengths. Weakness training should never be eliminated.  Take a look at the Open/Regional WODs this year and figure out which events/WODs held you back.  Was it specific movements, time domains, general strength, general conditioning, skill work, mobility restrictions?  Unsure?  Ask your coaches.  CrossFit rewards the well rounded and punishes the specialist.  It doesn’t matter how strong strengths are if glaring weaknesses are present.  Now is the time to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

with general class

1.Strict Press
2. Push-press

Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Overhead Squats (95,65)