Ragnar Relay Registration! & MLK Schedule

Morgan – Those Ring Rows Lookin’ Good

MLK SCHEDULE – We will be running a reduced schedule on Monday with All Levels classes in Southie Green at 530, 630, 9,11, 12, 4,5,6 & 7pm only.  630pm CTX will be held in Southie Orange but all other Southie Orange classes including the 6am CTX class are cancelled.

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod
Ever want to spend two days in a van running 200 miles with some of your favorite gym buddies?!! Well, here’s your chance! We’re putting a team (or two) together again for the Ragnar Relay Cape Cod! Teams will consist of 12 runners. The mileage is split between your 12 runners.

2019 Southie Ragnar Team!

This race has got it all. White sand beaches? Check. Historical landmarks? Check. Breathtaking coastal views? Check. New start line? Double check.

This year, your team of 12 will kick things off at a brand new start line at the historic seaside town of Duxbury. For 200-ish miles, you’ll make your way over bridges, wooded and paved trails, and beautiful beaches, relay-style.

On Saturday, your team will cross under the big orange arch at the biggest finish line beach party in New England back at Smuggler’s Beach. You’ll have access to five beaches, live bands and local attractions. It promises to be a can’t-miss party.

From the newcomers to the multi-year veteran, from Bostonians and the out-of-staters who are dying to try their bad Boston accents, grab your friends and get in before this race sells out!

Race Details
Location: Duxbury, MA – Smuggler’s Beach
Race Date: Friday May 8th. – Saturday May 9th
Registration Cost: $150/person +cost of van rental.

If you would like to join our team please fill out our inquiry form here . Don’t miss out on the most epic run of your life!

In 3 minutes
Bike 15|12 Cals (22|18 Schwinn)
AMRAP Good Mornings

Rest :30 seconds

In 3 minutes
100 Double Unders or 150 Single Unders
AMRAP Seated Strict Press

3 Deadlifts
*Climbing in weight as able

6 Minute Ascending AMRAP
4 Calorie Bike
4 Pull-ups
8 Calorie Bike
8 Pull-ups
12 Calorie Bike
12 Pull-ups

Rest 3 Minutes

6 Minute Ascending AMRAP
2 Strict Handstand Push-ups
10 Double Unders
4 Strict Handstand Push-ups
20 Double Unders
6 Strict Handstand Push-ups
30 Double Unders
8 Strict Handstand Push-ups
40 Double Unders

Schwinn Air Dyne Cals = 6,12,18…

Level 3- Kipping
Level 2-Seated Strict Press, 5-10-15 DU
Level 1- Seated Strict PRess, 20-40-60-80 Singles

Extra Work
4 Rounds
15|12 Cals Ski Erg
6 Squat Cleans 185|115

Scale weight/Cals as necessary to have around 1 minute rest each time.