Go To The Specialty Bar, Order A Squat


Who’s watching the CrossFit Games this weekend?

Friday Saturday and Sunday the Games will be on ESPN3. These shows will feature every heat of every event of the men’s and women’s competitions, along with the teams, analysis, highlights and interviews.

For the first time ever, the CrossFit Games will be live on television. The final hour of the Games will be broadcast live on ESPN2 from 7 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, July 28

How about a little get together party somewhere to watch with some fans?  Post ideas to comments if interested.

Warm Up
20 Barbell Back Squats
20 Good Mornings
20 Barbell Rollouts

Spend 10 solid minutes working out Goat 2 technique (set timer)

High Bar Box Squat
*Pick one heavy weight and stick with it!
*on days like today feel free to use a specialty bar to mix it up

5 Rounds
10 Goat 2
20 Box Jumps