Man Up


13.2 – if you are completing the WOD this week make sure to get a good sweat in before going.  Log some calories on the rower, airdyne.  Do a couple rounds before you start leading up to one as fast as you can with control and not missing reps, especially box jumps.  Spend as much time as possible rolling and stretching out your calves, hammys and quads.  If your calves are loose, rebounding and control on the rebound are going to be that much easier.  If your hammys are supple you can stiff leg dead without doing to much work with your back.  Quads burn in later rounds so mobilize to give them the best chance they can have.  Warming up is going to get you up and excited for this WOD.  Come early and get it in. We will open the box at 730am for the retest and wont kick off until 815 or so which gives you plenty of time.  Stretch tonight.  When completing, set up your bar in a fashion that allows you to seamlessly transition to the box jump, one step or better yet no steps just turn and jump.  make sure not to go to crazy on that first round and miss reps on the box.  Lastly, the obvious, double knot your shoes, rest on top of the box and don’t put down the bar.  Transition from the STOH right into the deadlift, no dropping.  move AFAP through the barbell and rest ontop of the box where need be.  Rebounding on the box is going to get you the most reps but step ups are an option especially for the ladies if you find yourself standing around.  Have fun with it.

Warm-up – 5 minutes
1000m row

Strength – 20 minutes

if you are lit up from 13.2 or retesting

Bench Press

Partner WOD – 25 minutes
10 Rounds (5 each alternating)
7 Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
5 Push-jerks
250m Row

Games – (185/135)
Regional – (165/105)
Open – (135/95)

*rounds should be fast and unbroken, please choose your weight wisely. You should be able to complete the first 3 rounds without putting the bar down and still row hard. Feel free to use weights in-between levels *

Ca$h Out – GHD MB toss for distance (14/10)