Getting Better at T2B

Toes to bar is a very difficult gymnastics movement that requires upper body strength in combination with a strong core. The most important part of this skill is to develop the mid-line strength to bring the knees up to the chest, then elbows and eventually toes directly to the bar. Here are a few exercises that can be performed for about 3 sets at 10-20 reps…STRICT! To help improve your T2B.

Hollow rocks – Lay flat on the ground, hands and feet touching down. Activate the core by bringing up the feet and hands 1 foot off the ground to establish a crunch (wrinkled shirt) position through the mid-line. The lower back should be in contact with the ground as you slightly rock back and forth without breaking the crunch or letting the hands or toes touch the floor.

Jack knives – Building on the hollow position continue to raise the hands and feet all the way to meet over the mid-line over your body.  Reach up to your toes or as high up on the shin as possible, controlling yourself down to the starting position.

Ball ups – Jump onto the bar, activate the shoulders by pinching the shoulder blades together. From here bring the knees up while pulling down on the bar. Keep the knees tight to the body, chin tucked, and shoulders active while pulling yourself back into a tight ball where your toes come in contact with the bar. To release unravel slow and controlled.

Once you’re performed these key exercises then practice the strict toes to bar progressions. Knees to chest…knees to arm pits…knees to triceps…knees to elbows…toes to bar!!! Once you’ve established the ability to hit an appropriate landmark with strict form you can then work on stringing them together with the kip!

Open WOD 12.3
18 minute AMRAP
15 Box jumps (24,20) (full stand)
12 Push presses (115,75)
9 Toes-to-bar

L2 – (95/55)
L1 – (65/35)