Upcoming Events

We have a lot of fun events coming up!! That means lots of opportunities to meet fellow members from different class times and make some in connections in our hood.  Here is what we have going on:

October 7th: Megamaze and Apple picking. We will be meeting at the corn maze at 11am. The address there is:  145 Redstone Hill, Sterling, MA, 01564. After we finish the maze we are going to head over to the Clearview Farm, which is a 5 minute drive from the maze, the address there is: 4 Kendall Hill Road Sterling, MA 01564. The farm includes: 20 acres of apples (27 varieties!), 4 acres of peaches and nectarines, 12 acres of pumpkins, 6 acres raspberries and blueberries, 2 acres of other vegetables. I also believe they have a pumpkin carving contest this weekend and Hayrides.

October 20th: Back by popular demand- photo scavenger hunt, start time 10am. Followed by our 2 year anniversery party at the Greatest Bar starting at 7pm. We will have 2 floors to ourselves from 7-10pm. After 10pm the bar will be opened to the public, but we can hang out all night if we like. After 10pm the DJ comes on and we get our boogie on. Food will be served from 8-10pm, accompanied by a slideshow of the pictures from the scavenger hunt and from the last year. Dress code is Hott.

October 28th: Paleo Brunch at the Colvins’! It will begin at 11am. Please either bring a paleo dish along with you, or contrinute financially (suggested $10 donation). The Colvins live on M street in Southie, last year we had a blast.

November 10th and 11th: GARAGE GAMES!! We have 275 competitors throwing down for the weekend and it is going to be an amazing event. In order to have the event run smoothly we are going to need 50+ judges. That means we really need your help. Even if you have never judged before we will teach you what you need to do. As long as you are not a fresh newbie, we would love to have you. If you are interested please sign up here.

Pose Running drills

3 Rounds
400m sprint
5 muscle-ups
300m sprint
5 muscle-ups
200m sprint
Rest 1 minute

The Rx version calls for ring muscle ups but feel free to scale to bar muscles ups (w or w/out bands) or banded ring transition muscle ups.  Remember a muscle up is the biggest pull up and the deepest ring dip you have with a smooth transition.  With that saying,  if your pull ups and ring dips still need work, work there.  If you have big c2b pull ups and lots of  unassisted dips, work the transition or the bar muscle up.

Level 2-sub 3 pull-ups/3 ring dips for each muscle up.
Level 1- sub 2 pull-ups/dips for each muscle-up