Working together on the platforms

Whenever we do our platform work it is really important to work with a partner or a group of people. First it just makes things more fun. The whole reason for coming to a group class is to work as a group. Working with someone else is a chance to get to know someone even more or to meet someone completely new. Its awesome to coach a class and watch two people go from not knowing each others names to acting like best buds after their platform time.
Another reason working together on the platform is it makes you work harder. Plain and simple. If you are working alone off in the corner we all know you are more likely to not try that extra 5# for the PR or to rack the weight after the 2nd rep on a hard set of 3. When you work with a partner or a group it is going to make you fight for that extra rep or to work for the extra few pounds to break a plateau. The camaraderie and push from another member just makes for that much better of a work environment and makes you want to push harder to get better.
It is also good to work with another person for reasons of form. While we always have a few coaches on in each class, it is tough for the coaches to see everyone every single rep. Working with a partner can be like having an assistant coach with you all the time. If you know a problem you have with a particular lift, like coming onto your toes or not getting depth in the squats, then ask your partner to watch you in each set. It will make for every single rep of every single set to be worth while during your time on the platforms even if a coach doesn’t happen to be next to you every single moment. We try to be and we get to see a lot, but sometimes we miss a thing here or there.
Fight for those extra reps to get better, push each other, and have some fun on those platforms!


5 rounds
15 Toes to bar
200m run

ADV – Unbroken toes 2 bar