Gauntlet Style

Class crushin EMOMs
Class crushin EMOMs

*There will be no Yoga this Sunday.  Monday morning  we will only be running one box (Southie Green).  Orange will be open for showering post WOD.  Southie Green will open up at 530am for early toasties and those wanting to hit the class WOD first thing in the am.  There will be formal class at 6am and 7am.  There will be no 530, 630,730am.  The rest of the day from 9am on will run as normally scheduled.**

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Teams of 4
2 Rounds
20 Burpees
15 Pull-ups
20 Goblet Squats (1.5,1)
30 Double Unders

Each athlete starts of a different movement. Once the athlete finishes their set, they take a knee. Once the group has all taken a knee the team will rotate.
Once the 2 rounds are complete the team will run together to the 200m line.

Each partner completes 4 – 5om prowler pushes total (90,45). Once everyone is finished the team runs back together for the finish.

Level 2- 15,10,15,15
Level 1- (1,.75) 12,10,12, 30 singles