Judgeing/Volunteer List & Garage Games WOD #3 – “Loop, Swoop & Pull”

Judging/Volunteer list can be found here.

“Loop, Swoop, and Pull”
In 11 minutes
Run 1 mile
then in the remaining time AMRAP squat snatches (115,75)

Each athlete will get a separate score for the mile run finish time and for the number of snatches they complete.

Scaled – (75,45)


Run – Three loops around the block is about 1.1 miles.  Each athlete will start at their bar and will finish when they touch their bar.  Athletes are required to follow the designated route around the cones or a five burpee penalty will be assessed each time an infarction occurs.

Squat Snatch – The bar starts on the ground resting for each rep.  The athlete may power snatch and then overhead squat.  Hip crease below the knee is required.  The athlete must come to a full stand, with feet directly underneath the hips, before lowering the weight.