Garage Games WOD #2 – “Queezy Baby”

“Queezy baby”
8 minute amrap
6 burpee up and over the box
7 pull-ups- c2b for guys

Scaled – Blue band/ Can step up and over


Burpee –chest, not just stomach, must come in contact with the ground for each rep. An easy way to do so is to release your hands, like in a hands release push up.

Box Jump – just get over it.  You can be facing forward or laterally.  If you jump on it you do not have to open the hips on the box.  You can clear the box but feet must clearly be above the box and not to the side.  If it is questionable, it will be a no rep.

Pull-Up – men c2b.  Chest (below the clavicle) must come in clear contact with the bar.  We’re looking for full extension of the arms at the bottom.  Women – no C2b.  Chin must clearly be above the bar.