Garage Games Update


JUDGING: If you paid to become garage games certified, you will be meeting at 6:30PM tomorrow night with Coach Maze in Southie Green. This should not take more than 45 minutes. You will collect your gear then as well. All judges will meet at 7:30am on Saturday and Sunday in Southie Green to discuss all of the movement standards of the day, and to assign judging stations for the 3 WODs.

VOLUNTEERING: Coach Berretta ([email protected]) is your point of contact. He will be providing you with direction. Please plan on being at CrossFit Southie by 7:00am on both Saturday and Sunday.  If you are able to come by the gym and help set up tomorrow (Friday) night from 4pm onward we will have lots to do!

***Lunch will be provided on both days for all judges and volunteers. Thank you all again for giving your time***

REGISTRATION: Early registration will begin tomorrow night (Friday) from 6:30pm-8pm. Registration will open in the morning at 7:30am and will close at 8:45am. Everyone who is competing MUST fill out a waiver. If you do not check-in and fill out a waiver, you will be disqualified from the competition.

ATHLETE MEETING: All athletes are expected to meet inside of Southie Orange (the original box) at 8:15am. At that time we will be briefing all of the WODs and answering any questions that you may have about the competition. The standards videos were posted last Friday, please watch those if you have not already.

PARKING:There will be NO PARKING in the CrossFit Southie lot. The lot will be reserved for sponsors. Please make sure all spectating family and friends aware of this. Volunteers will be directing parking to avoid confusion. There will be parking in the Blue Cross Blue Shield lot that sits behind our building, as well as the building next to the BCBS lot, and at the K&K glass company on Dorchester ave. This is A LOT  of parking, but there are also A LOT of you. If you can carpool, please do. If you can take public transportation, please do.

TENT CITY: We will have an designated area for affiliate/competitor tents. Please do not set up any tents outside of this area. Space will be tight inside, so please do not plan on leaving large bags and coolers inside of the two boxes.

HEAT ASSIGNMENTS: Trying to work these heats to get 3 WODs in with 260 people was absolutely brutal. Please take a look at the heat assignments and write down your heat times and your station. I had to do a lot of shuffling to make everything fit, which means you may be in a heat with different people every time. There will be no switching of heat times, so please do not ask. Please contact me if your name is missing from an event, if your name appears twice in one event, or if there is another error with the excel sheet. On the google document there are tabs on the bottom with the names of the WODs on them. Click each one to see your heat assignment for that event. The document can be found here.

DROP-OUTS: At this time there will be no more replacing competitors or refunds. If you have not already discussed this with myself or the Garage Games staff, then it is too late.

If you need to reach me in regards to any errors with heat assignments, my email is [email protected].

Its is going to be a great weekend! We hope you are all as excited as we are. See you all very soon.