Gainsgiving Ready!

Dr. Dave

*Thanksgiving Day WOD*
Typically we love visitors, but we do need to make sure that we have appropriate numbers for the workout and have enough squares for everyone. If a family member wants to come with you please have them pay for a drop-in online and register for the class.
If you want us to do it on our end please send an email to [email protected]. If a non-member shows up on Thanksgiving morning with no registration for open gym or the class, they will not be able to participate.

Turkey Day Schedule – Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble……

Wednesday Normal AM Schedule (5,6,7,8,11) PM schedule 12,3,4,5pm *close at 6pm*
ThursdayANNUAL THANKSGIVING DAY WOD- 8am and 9am** Non-coached WOD 7am with Goose
Friday- 9,10,11,12pm (open gym 9-1)
Saturday- 7,8,9,10,11,12pm *close at 1pm
Sunday- Normal Schedule

Indoors Primarily

2 Rounds
:40 Work/No Rest
-Med Ball Death March
-Wall Ball
-Med Ball Glute Bridges
-2 fer 1 Wall Ball or 11’ if on the wall (if in a mod spot then med ball thruster with 5 second active hold in the bottom)
-Med Ball V-Ups

2 Front Squat
Set 1-4= 80-85%
Set 5-7= 85-90%
Set 8= 95%

30 Wall Balls 20|14
15 Deadlifts 275|185
24 Wall Balls
12 Deadlifts
18 Wall Balls
9 Deadlifts

Level 3- 225|155
Level 2- 185|125
Level 1- 135|95
ADV – 30|20, 315|205

MOD WOD – Outdoor wall balls or dumbbell thrusters 20’s|15’s

Extra Work 
15/12 Cals
50ft HS Walk

*Aim for 1 minute of rest each round. Scale the HS Walk to 25ft, Double KB Overhead Carry, 3 Wall Climbs, 20 Shoulder Taps