Fundraiser for Hyatt + Bar Crawl Information


CrossFit Southie Bar Crawl is TODAY!
Coach Sham and Coach Hyatt are both leaving us at the end of this summer. Please help us send them off in true CFS fashion.. with a summer bar crawl! All are welcome. We hope you all can make it for some summer fun and one last time to party with Joe and Hyatt. We’re keeping the route on the smaller side this year so that we don’t lose people along the way. We’ll kick things off at Tia’s at 4pm, move on to the Landing for some fish bowls, and then head to the Bell in Hand. We’ll have the upstairs of the Bell in Hand all to ourselves until 9pm, and there will be some light apps served there.

Tias at the Waterfront 4pm – 5pm
The Landing 5pm – 6:45pm
The Bell in Hand 7pm – ???

See you all tonight!

Mike Hyatt has always been an extremely coachable athlete who’s work ethic is unmatched. He also has grown as a coach and is always sharing his knowledge and constantly finding ways to help others. We support all of the members of our community which is why we are hosting this fundraiser to help Michael Hyatt achieve his goal of helping others in a different fashion as a “mission leader”. One of the easiest ways to support is through a check written out to the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University, which is a nonprofit and therefore any donations are tax deductible. In the memo of the check, you just have to write that it is to “ML-Mike Hyatt”, so that the staff knows who the donation is supporting. You can also bring cash if that is easier as well.

Another option is to donate online through the organizations PayPal account. However, you would also need to specify that the donation, through the Catholic Student Union, is going to support me. On the review page, there is a small “+” prompting you for the nature of the donation. ***Here, you have to write ML-Mike Hyatt, or I will not directly receive the support throughout the year. Here is the link to the CSU donation page, and you would click the donate button on the second option to get to the PayPal: Donation Page

With Class

Rope Climbs
Cargo net

Partner WOD
25 Minute AMRAP
1 Rope Climb
5 Front Squats (185,115)
10 Toes to Bar
100m Sandbag Sprint (4,3)

Games- Legless or Fat rope

*partners move back and forth with each movement. Partner A does 1 rope climb, partner B does 1 rope climb, etc…