Full Send Sunday


11am Pop Up WOD today with Coach Andrea. Check our Class Schedule for all upcoming times.

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Warm Up
200m Run


Perform on Each Leg
3 Reverse Lunges
3 Reverse Lunge Negatives
3 Shoelaces Flat Bottom Up Lunge
3 Foot Balance Supported Pistol
3 Gripping Assistance PIstol
3 Rx Pistol or Goble Lunge


200m Object Run

5 High Hang Muscle Cleans
10 Good Mornings
5 Mid Hang Muscle Cleans
10 Stiff Legged Deadlifts
5 Muscle Cleans

Power Clean
3 Reps

At Home Strength
5 Single Arm Ground to Shoulder Each Side

*If only access to lighter weight,  perform every minute or up the reps.

14 Minute AMRAP
5 Deadlifts* 275|185
8 Pistols**
200m Sandbag/Object Run 53|35 lbs

*If limited by weight, to complete the Deadlift RX …

225|155 – 7 reps per Round,
185|135 – 10 Reps per Round, 135|95 – 15 reps per Round
95|65 – 5 Single Leg Deadlifts on each leg, each round

**Sub Front Rack Lunges with the Sandbag where need be

At Home WOD 
14 Minute AMRAP
10 Suitcase Deadlifts**
8 Pistols*
200m Object Run

*Sub Front Rack Lunges with the Sandbag where need be
**5 Each Side or Alternate Sides Each Round