Froning WOD


Warm Up
5 Rounds
20 Double Unders
10 handstand shoulder taps
-Banded shoulder stretches
-chest and lats

Goat 2
– If your goat is a gymnastic movement either add weight to it or double the number. If you goat is MUPs we suggest 5 weighted pull-ups and 5 weighted dips OR 5 weighted muscle-ups if you are at that level. The idea is to build strength and power with the movement.

Split Jerk

In 12 minutes complete
6 Rounds
12 Shoulder to Overhead
50 double unders
In the remaining time: AMRAP Muscle-ups

Games (155,105)
Regional (135,95)
Open (115.85)

Substitute strict chin-ups or muscle-ups transitions for muscle-ups if you are unable to get over the rings. No bar muscle-ups