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Sports Wellness Appointments – Saturday, October 13th (TOMORROW!)
We are psyched that Dr. Miguel Fernandez will be back at the gym to offer his chiropractic services to Southie athletes. Dr. Fernandez is a graduate of the prestigous New York Chiropractic College. He has been a licensed Chiropractor since 1997… and best of all, he is a CrossFitter! He will be offering treatment at the gym on select Saturday mornings and offers discounted prices for your first visit. He will be here next on Saturday, October 13th. His adjustments include soft tissue work.

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Partner Up
2 rounds each
P1- Row 500m
P2- 1st round quad roll, 2nd round couch stretch.

Switch sides at the 250m mark

Rope Climb

WOD 1 – 15 min cap
21 Front Squats (155,105)
5 Rope Climbs
15 Front Squats
4 Rope Climbs
9 Front Squats
3 Rope Climbs

Level 3 (135,95)
Level 2 (115,75)
Level 1 (95,65)

WOD 2 – 15 min cap
3 Rounds
500m Row
30 Sit-ups


Note: Each workout is designed to be fast and close to unbroken, chose a scale that allows you to complete each in under 12 mins.

Extra Work
12 Rounds For Time
4 Strict Pull Ups
2 Strict Ring Dips

WOD CREDIT – Linchpin

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  • Trevor

    10/12/2018 @ 5:58 pm

    Sq Clean
    4×2 (175/175/185/185)
    6×1 (195/195/205/205/205/205)

    DB Bench 5×6 w/ 70s

    Strict L pull ups: 6×5

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