FREE Wod Day!

#TBT – 2013 – OG Members/Coaches Chris & Joe – Fork Lift MUPs @ Harpoon 5k

Warm Up
Partner UP!
P1 – 200M Run
P2 – Uneven Push Ups on Med Ball

P1 – 15/12 Cal Ski
P2 – Knee Tucks on Medball

P1 – 10 Medball Thrusters
P2 – Wall Sit

Run 400M Together with Med Ball

As a team chip away at the following:
100 Wallballs
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Calorie Ski

Every 5 minutes- 400m Run as a team

Level 2- 75 Reps
Level 1- 200m Run, 50 reps of each
ADV- While your partner is working- wall sits, pull-up bar hang, plank hold, double KB in front rack 1.5|1

SWEAT (4:45PM in Southie Orange)
In 15 Minutes

Bike 100/80 Calories for Time

EMOM- 4 Burpees

Rest 5 Minutes

Then Row 3000m for Time

E2MOM- 100m Sprint