Hyatt Rollin on DUBS
Hyatt Rollin on DUBS

Aside form the few dedicated 6am Toasties in the Am, there has not been great participation in the morning competitor class.  In an effort to spark up interest, we are going to align the BT program with the newly timed classes in Green.  BT will be run at 530am Monday – Friday.   We will add a 630 if there is enough interest.  Toasties will not always convene in the toaster but will often work alongside the general class (platforms with the general class in HQ or behind the bathrooms will be used).  This will be done in hope of building community, to allow for more coaching and to encourage the extra push that is provided by working out next to more bodies.    By aligning class times and working out alongside one another, we hope that those in Rx classes may jump to BT more easily if they wish to.  We strongly encourage people to workout during class times as this breeds competition and builds community and we have coaches scheduled to help you out at these times.  If you work out at 6am currently, and would like to continue to because it works better with your am schedule, you are welcome and coaches will check in throughout the hour.  If you are unable to make it in between 5:30-7:30, use the newly hung Reebok calendar board to let other peeps know when you are working out because its always better WODing with your Bros and Brahs.

Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Handstand push-ups

Unbroken Back Squats
Pick your weight

30 Double Unders
6 Burpees