Additional Whole30 Results

whole 30 weight-loss

Above are the top weight-loss results from the Whole 30. Sorry if I left you out! There were so many of you that rocked this challenge. If you missed out on this challenge and are interested in doing the whole 30 on your own, ask your coaches for a Whole30 packet that can be found behind the desk. I am happy to walk you through the 30 day restrictions. It is a great way to get you on the right track. Not only did these guys lean down, many of them gained strength and conquered skills that they have been struggling with for a while.

Free up that Front Rack Position

On another note, one of the biggest complaints we hear from members is “my wrists hurt when I hold the rack position.” A lot of times the structures leading up to the wrists(lats, shoulders, triceps) are the culprit and unfortunately those wrists pay the price. Before class, come in a few minutes early and try these stretches

We are switching it up this week and doing the Open WOD competition style on Saturday from 8-10am. General CrossFit classes will run as scheduled. There will not be a formal retest on Easter Sunday and no Yoga  however general classes will follow a normal schedule on Easter. Registration will close on today at 5pm for the Saturday retest.Unless you have extenuating circumstances there will be NO OTHER RETESTING ON SATURDAY. For a retest you need to have a CFS coach present and able to ensure that all the reps are indeed legit. If you want to participate in the retest,  up please click here. The top male and female finisher will receive $250.00 worth of Reebok Crossfit Apparel.

Alsooo…after the retest we were thinking of doing a Harlem Shake video. David Lee is taking the lead on this. And here is what he suggests:

Bring simple costumes or party gear (masks, hats, boas, capes, etc). Here is an example from CrossFit Dallas Central.  Below are some fun ideas to incorporate.

  • Using barbells as dancing poles (standing them up inside 45# plates)
  • Dancing on top of boxes
  • Hanging upside-down from the pull-up bars
  • Butt-flossing with the PVC jump ropes
  • Using PVC pipes like toy ponies

If you would like to participate in the Harlem shake but are not participating the Open then great! Just arrive around 9:00am and we will start as soon as the open retest is over. I think it could be cool to try to tie the vid into the open and see if we can get on the update show. That is only if you have perfect reps 🙂

Warm Up
For Time:
Burpee Break Down

Front Squat

4 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (225,155)
15 Burpees

L3 – (185, 135)
L2 – (135, 95)
L1 –(95, 65)
ADV – (275, 185)