Fitness Friday


CrossFit Southie Networking Page
At CrossFit Southie, we are very lucky to have such a talented, diverse community of athletes, coaches, and friends. It’s tough to keep tabs on what everyone does for a living and what services they offer; but when you’re looking for a referral for something, chances are we’ve got someone in the community who can help. Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve started a CrossFit Southie Networking Group on Facebook. This page will be for CFS members only, and is a place where you can go to ask for referrals, market yourself, or share opportunities with the rest of the CrossFit Southie community. To join the group, click HERE.

1. Push-press
2. Push-jerk

Clean and Jerk (135,95)
Double Unders x 10

Level 2- (115,95), Double unders x5
Level 1- (95,65), singlesx10