Fish Oil

Make sure you get your +2 every day!

The two key components in fish oil are the omega-3s called EPA and DHA. A simplified way to think of them is EPA benefits your body, and DHA benefits your mind.

– “Treats your -itis” – If you have an “-itis” that’s inflammation or swelling. Fish oil helps regulate that inflammation response as an anti-inflammatory. Your work hard during the WOD and you want to get back at it again tomorrow, but you will have stiff joints and muscles (natural inflammation response) from time to time. Omega-3’s are what keep it under control.
– “Gets the blood flowing” – It makes the blood platelets less sticky and softens the walls of your arteries. Your blood goes from “passing through a steel pipe” to being “massaged through your body”. Fish Oil also has been shown to help bring down your blood pressure and cholesterol. **Consult your physician about taking fish oil if you’re taking a prescription blood-thinner**
– “Take a deep breath” – Conditions like asthma and bronchitis (swelling) can feel like your breathing like a stirring-straw due to the inflammation from poor habits and maybe a lack of omega-3 in the diet. For those without such conditions, we can still benefit from omega-3s. Since cardiovascular health is measured by your body’s ability to transport oxygen (from the lungs through the blood), you can see how this is all tying together. So yes, fish oil can help your Fran time!

– “Get your head right” – Fats make up 60% of the brain, and DHA is the primary structural component of brain tissue and play an important role in your neurotransmitters. just sayin’.

As a low “maintenance dose”, you can start is 1000mg of combine EPA & DHA for every hundred pounds of bodyweight. Recommendations vary because every person is different and everyone’s conditions are different.
I highly recommend what Robb Wolf and Whole9 have developed called the “Fish Oil Calculator” (

Liquid fish oil is my super-paleo weapon-of-choice for a few reasons:
– Affordability – it costs extra money to put it into that capsule.
– Absorption – with the liquid, you don’t need to digest the capsule THEN break down fish oil.
– Practicality – it usually takes 5 capsules (plus the water to take them) to amount to 1 single teaspoon.
Capsules would be good if:
– Travelling and you’re not sure if you can keep the fish oil chilled.
– The texture of oil is almost a deal-breaker. We want you to get benefits the way you’ll like them.

Of course, you can’t “fish oil” your way out of a poor diet and poor lifestyle. Get your sleep, get your WOD in, hit Paleo 100%, and fish oil will take all of that hard work even further!

Courtesy of Arthur Morgan