First experience with Fran

My bar is set up in the middle of Southie Orange facing the shiny pull up structure and the brilliantly colored signature logo. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins as I nervously pace back and forth with the “pregame jitters”. One of my favorite songs is blasting throughout the box pushing my RPMs further into the red zone. As I look around It feels as if everybody else is patiently waiting for the workout to begin. I know these workouts are challenging but whats the big deal? What were the reps again? 21-15-9? Of thrusters and pull ups? Whats it called again? Three…Two…One… Goooo!!! My heart is pounding as I grip the bar, set myself up and start moving the weight with full out effort. After the first dozen, I drop the bar and am completely drained. I can hear weights clanking loudly against the floor and can see only the backs of those athletes walking calmly to the next movement. A few reps at a time is all I can do. I finish the set and walk over to the pull up bars as my legs and shoulders are burning. My breathing is out of control and my forearms are throbbing. I somehow manage to finish the pull ups and slowly make my way back to the barbell. The rest of the workout is a blur. I keep seeing the green and orange Crossfit Southie logo as I’m constantly standing to catch my breath in between reps and trips to the alley out back. Toward the end I can’t hear any music, only the words of encouragement from the other athletes as I finish my final repetition. Although it took me about 26 minutes I was so glad to be done yet so proud of the fact I finished the workout FRAN.

Paleo Benchmark #1
Thrusters (95,65)