EYe on the CLock

May 9th, 2019

Category: CrossFit

EYe on the CLock

Iconic Haley & TJ Regionals Photo – Can you remember the year/workout?!?

Ragnar Relay!
Best of luck to our Southie Crew listed below that is taking on The Ragnar Relay This Friday and Saturday! This crew has been training hard over the past three months to take on the 200 mile overnight relay. We know they’re going to crush it!

Ryan Gould
Stacy Trojanowski
Genevieve Shepard
Jeff Bogue
Dan Palermo
Kai Henry
Tricia Dufault
Cherie Turner
Kristin Koch
Alex Spear
Zara Perumal
Elysia Heilig

Warm Up
In 2 minutes
20/15 Bike
AMRAP Push Ups w/ Kettlebell Drag
Rest 1 minute

In 2 minutes
20 Lateral Up & Overs
AMRAP Kettlebell Swings

2 Rounds
40s work:20s Rest
1. Plank walks around the box with toes on the box
2. Box Crunches
3. Hollow Rocks
4. Strict toes to bar or straight leg raises

Every 5 Minutes for 20 minutes (0:00,5:00,10:00,15:00)
20/15 Calorie Bike
20 Box Jumps
20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)
20 Sit-ups

Level 2- 15 Reps
Level 1 – 10 Reps

Conditioning 4:45PM in Southie Orange
In 30 Minutes
1.5 Mile Run (3 loops +800m)
5 Mile Bike
In the remaining time:
Max Distance on the Rower

Scale- 1 Mile Run/3.5m Bike