Important Announcements – CompetitorWOD

Brownie – on the way up with a thruster!

Going forward, we will be taking a different approach with our competitor programming. We want the programming to be all inclusive and align with general classes as much as possible while providing avenues for everyone in the gym to put in EXTRA WORK outside of classes to get better.

Instead of having a different program altogether, we will be adding in EXTRA WORK. Class WODs may have more challenging options for Advanced athletes but the general WOD layout will remain the same for both competitors and general CrossFit. As much or as little EXTRA WORK can be done as each athlete desires and/or is capable of given their specific goals and lifestyle.

Our main goal in doing so is to stay cohesive as a community, while providing an opportunity to everyone to put in EXTRA WORK to get better on their own time/schedule.

There will be no programmed rest days although Thursday and Sundays will be suggested. You may also choose your own and put your EXTRA WORK in around your non-rest days.

There is often a class WOD once per week that is light weight and conditioning in nature. When done alone that can be considered an active rest day for athletes who are used to tolerating a high volume.

Athletes that are responsible enough to put in EXTRA WORK before the start of the WOD and also are able to start the general class WOD are welcome to do so.

Please note this does not mean lying around on a foam roller for 30 mins and then jumping in for class WOD. An appropriate warm up will be required by all athletes and a Coach may use their own discretion in allowing an athlete to jump in to class.

This also means respecting the class and not being loud and obnoxious with slamming of weights during this time.

Additionally, this time also will not be lead or coached always but coaches will check in. If this is something that you struggle with you should stick to the full general class warm up and preform any extra work after class.

EXTRA WORK will be written out on the floater board at the beginning of each week. Extra work will consists of Strength, Gymnastics and Conditioning work. Please choose wisely and be sure to address your weaknesses whenever possible.

Rest Day
EXTRA WORK this week:

Strength Focus
1. Squat Clean
2. Squat Clean and Jerk

Strength Focus
ODD- Box Squat with chains – 3 Reps
Even- 5 Seated DB Strict

Strongman Focus
Grab a stone sandbag
Stone hug front squats with a 50ft hug carry after each round

Gymnastics Focus
EMOM 10 1 legless rope climb
Regional – Odd minutes
Open – use legs

Gymnastics Focus
2 Rounds
100 Double Unders
100m Handstand walk
50 Double Unders
50m Handstand walk

Gymnastics Focus
Strict Handstand Push-ups*

*Add appropriate deficit for each round where able

Rest 10 Minutes

Strict or Kipping Muscle-ups
– If you are skilled try strict and then when you can no longer to strict add in the kip. If you are working at muscle-ups try to maintain 1 a minute or scale as necessary tp progress the skill

Conditioning Focus
Run 1 mile*
Rest 3 minutes
X 3
*Use the air Runner where able and attempt to keep mile times withing 10 seconds of each other.

Conditioning Focus
Reverse Tabata on the Assault Bike