In-House Throwdown Event 1 Announced!

Fazaah – Weighted Sit Ups…NBD

In-House Throwdown: Event 1 Announced!
Event 1
In 7 minutes, complete:
30 Synchronized Burpees
Then in remaining time, lift as many pounds as possible.

Prior to the workout, teams will choose one weight to use for the duration of the workout: 75, 95, 115, or 135.

At “Go” teams will begin to work on 30 synchronized burpees. After the burpees have been completed, teams will move to their barbell. Teams will establish an order and must remain in that order for the duration of the workout. The first athlete will perform 10 reps of the barbell movement, and then tag in the next athlete. Athletes must rotate every 10 reps – no more, no less. Continue in this fashion until 7 minutes is over.

Rx Men: Snatch
Rx Women: Clean
Scaled Men: Clean
Scaled Women: Deadlift

The score at the end of the workout will be total pounds lifted (total reps x weight on barbell).

It’s not too late to sign up to compete! This event is FUN and for ALL-LEVELS! To read more about the throwdown and to sign up, click here. Registration deadline is April 17th.

2 Rounds
:45 on/:15 off
1. Alternating Single Arm Russian Swings
2. Push Up with Kettlebell Drag
3. Jumping Lunges

IT Band Rolling with Lacrosse Ball

Back Squat 5 Reps 70-80%

Kettlebell Swing (2,1.5)
Goblet Lunge

Level 2- (1.5,1)
Level 1- (1,0.75)
ADV- Ring Push-ups

Extra Work
800M Air Runner
2:00 Rest
600M Air Runner
1:30 Rest
400M Air Runner
1:00 Rest
200M Run