Epic Sandstorm

IGN+ITE Integrated Group Nutrition & Interval Training Experience Ignite the fire within. Achieve results.

***Special Introductory Pricing: $200 for 8 Weeks!*** IGN+ITE is a comprehensive fitness experience combining movement, nutrition, and lifestyle to drive real, sustainable results. This program goes beyond the gym to help you navigate the other twenty-three hours of your day and form long-lasting, healthy habits. By pairing high-intensity interval training with nutrition guidance and accountability, IGN+ITE will transform your outlook on fitness and help you reach your individual goals.

This is an 8-week program that meets twice a week on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30AM. Each 60-minute class will include nutrition education & guidance and a high-intensity interval workout.

The 45-minute workout uses bikes, rowers, dumbbells, kettlebells and simple bodyweight exercises to deliver a full-body workout. The interval-based workout will vary every day. This class is accessible for all levels; no prior fitness experience needed. Beyond the workout, each class will offer nutrition and lifestyle guidance. We will cover topics such as eating for fat loss, optimizing post-workout recovery, easy meal planning and more. Baseline measurements and photos will be taken every two weeks to monitor progress. Coaches will offer support and advice based on your daily food logs to help you meet your individual goals.

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Partner Up!
Run 1 Loop w/ Sandbag (Switch as needed)
Then, 1:00/:10 Rest & Switch
P1- Sandbag Hug Lunges
P2- Hollow Hang from Pull Up Bar
P1- Push Ups w/ Sandbag Drag
P2- Plank Hold
P1- Sandbag Sit Ups
P2- Pull to Stand

Rope Climb
Sandbag Stones

2 Rounds
In 6 Minutes Complete
400m Sandbag Run (4,3)
15 Abmat Sit-ups
1 Rope Climb
Rest 2 minutes

In 6 Minutes
400m Run
10 Toes to Bar
14 Sandbag Lunges
Rest 2 Minutes

Level 2 – 300m Sandbag, 10 ft climb
Level 1 – 200m Sandbag, 2 pull to stands, 300m Run

Sandbag Stone Version
100m Stone Carry (150,90)
GHD Sit-ups
Sandbag Hug Lunges
*In big classes have people partner up and share sandbags. They can start on opposite portions and share the same bag/stone

Extra Work
2 Rounds
Ski 900m
Complete 5 Front Squats every 90s (185/125)
Rest 5 minutes between Rounds

Scaled – 155/105