ENDURE | Endurance


As CrossFitters we are task oriented. All of our workouts have a purpose, whether that be time or reps and we approach each WOD with a goal. Most of us could benefit from incorporating more endurance training. It can be tough to approach a long bout of conditioning

because comparatively it’s boring. In this class, we would like to change that.

This class focuses on building our engines using 3 modalities- rowing, biking, and running. The

class will be mostly in interval format, but some days will also involve us going long and steady. What is different from this class compared to others out there is that we are going to strive to make each class goal orientated with each modality. This class, from time to time, may also iclude burpees, jump roping, sleds, etc. For some of you the session could be used on a recovery day or even in addition to your daily WOD.

Endure classes will be held Mondays and Thursdays from 4:45-5:30pm. These classes DO count toward your weekly class total.