Member Movement & Mobility Screenings

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1-on-1 Movement & Mobility Screenings: Wednesday Nights!
Our daily activities – work, sport and life – cause each of us to move differently. In a world where we frequently sit for long periods of times and produce repetitive movements each day, we are often left with muscular imbalances and mobility limitations. These imbalances and limitations can lead to poor movement mechanics, muscular pain and possible injury.

The first step to correcting these imbalances or limitations is identifying them… and we are here to help! We are excited to be offering one-on-one movement and mobility screenings, free to all of our members. These screenings will not only help you identify any movement or mobility issues you may have, but also provide you with the tools you can use to help correct them.

Coach Matt

Coach Matt Martinez will be conducting these one-on-one screenings on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm. Matt has extensive knowledge on human movement with a BS in Rehabilitative Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He’s also a top-tier CrossFit athlete… so he understands! Matt also coaches a mobility class that is free and open to all members every Wednesday at 7pm. We highly recommend everyone attend this class whenever possible.

To schedule your 1-on-1 assessment, click here.

5 minutes on ski/bike or erg
Then with a partner
3 sets
15 GHD bent knee glute ham raises or Hip extensions
Static Ring Support (Add L-Sit variation where able)

Chest Rolling and Stretching
Hamstring Stretch

Push-Press – Movement Demo
3 Reps @80%

5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (225,155)
10 Ring Dips

Level 2- (185, 125)
Level 1- (135, 95); Bench Dips
ADV- (275,185); 5/3 Muscle-ups

Coaches Tip – Choose a scale where you can do most sets unbroken. Ring dips can be scaled with bands around rings or pull up bar or to box dips.

Extra Work
3 Rounds
400M Air Run
Right into 2:00 HSW

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Score is total time and distance traveled
*Can do attempts or Wall Climbs to scale
*HSW clock starts right when you hit the 400M on the Air runner