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1 Minute of Single Unders or Plate Hops
1 minute of Alternating Russian Swings
1 minute of Step-Ups
1 Minute Run in Place or 200m
1 Minute of Step Ups
1 Minute of Alternating Russian Swings
1 Minute of Single Unders or Plate Hops

2 Rounds 30s of Each movement
Plank bird dogs
Side plank knee drive right
Side plank knee drive right
Plank-push-up-double shoulder tap
*30s rest before repeating 2nd round

Calves – roll & stretch

Every 3 Minutes for 27 Minutes
200m Run (30s out, 30s in)
A. 75 Double Unders
B. 25 Kettlebell/Object Swings
C. 16 weighted Step-Ups

Below is reps/distance for each of the intervals broken down by levels.

Athletes complete A the first interval, B the second interval, and C the 3rd, and they continue that throughout the 30 Minutes. There should be 10 – 200m sprints.

Level 3 – 50 Double Unders, 20 swings, 12 step-ups
Level 2 – 30 Double Unders or 100 singles, 15 swings, 10 step-ups
Level 1– 100m sprint, 50 singles, 10 Unweighted Step-Ups

Run Subs = 1 minute of Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks, Burps. Use the first round to come up with a number to hit each round.

Extra Work
Work up to a heavy weight for the complex
3 strict press
3 Push Press
3 Push Jerk

*If you have an odd object and are not comfortable push jerking, complete 4 strict press and 4 push press