Dubs Under Pressure

Sara: Focused on the rep
Sara: Focused on the rep

Submissive Animals.

            In 2009 after a dark horse from Finland won the Crossfit games. Mikko Salo, an aura hung about this man. In the following weeks and months he became a sort of mythical character. He has a simple calmness and yet profound grit to his character.  During an interview he was questioned about one unique trait he displayed after workouts. Or rather a lack of something after workouts. Unlike many athletes he did not lay down, his answer deeply resonated with me.

First Salo mentioned “I once read an article about it: when animals surrender they go lying on their back,” Salo explains. “From then on I decided I would never go lying on my back. It’s a sign of weakness and surrendering. I’m never lying on my back.” -Mikko Salo

I will stand and stumble, for a moment take a knee, Tim Taebow that piece, but I don’t lie down and won’t submit. I’ll immediately offer other athletes words of encouragement because I’m not too tired to be polite. During this time I tell myself “one more round, one more rep, one more, one” A sort of mantra to myself of fortitude and grit.  I’m not the fittest or fastest, I may have finished after others, but I’m not defeated, if even for a moment.

If you want to get mentally stronger you have to practice strength in your moments of weakness.


Adv- Pull Sumo, from a deficit or with a band

4 Rounds
20 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
50 Double Unders

Level 2- (1.5, 1), 25 dubs
Level 1- (1, .75), 15 attempts

Coaches Tip:  This a good day to make that jump to a heavier kettlebell.  We even have some 1.75poods floating around other there now.  20 reps too many to make the jump?  Talk to your coaches about scaling the reps to swing a heavier bell.