Drumroll please… Southie Showdown WOD 1!!!


In 12 minutes:
Row 1000m
then in the remaining time establish a 1 Rep MAX Clean and Jerk

This will be scored as two separate workouts- the time to complete the 1000m Row & the MAX successful weight lifted

Row- Must hold handle until 1000m is completed. 5 second penalty  for premature grabbing of the handle before the go or release of handle before the full 1000m is complete on the screen.
Clean and Jerk – Both weights must start on the ground, make contact with the shoulders and then must be completely locked out over head with feet underneath the hips, showing control and full extension. The athlete must confirm each attempt weight with their judge and wait for the judges “good” call before lowering the weight. In order for a lift to be successful the bar/athlete must remain in their lane throughout the entire lift.