Dressed to the 9’s!


15,000 square feet of space, two gym spaces, up to 17 classes offered a day, open 7 days a week, competitor programming, over a half dozen full time staff members, a dozen interns, many seasoned and new members alike and  a massage therapist on staff.  These are just a few of the things that we have to be thankful for here at Crossfit Southie!  It took us three long years to get to this point but here we are!  We truly believe that we are the best box in the world and not for the facilities, coaches, programming or classes but mainly because of YOU!  Crossfit Southie would not be what is it today without the community all of you have created.  Thank you for the many ways in which you contribute. All of your attributes make this place thrive including offering a kind word or soft smile to another classmate, volunteering your time and energy during one of our social events, displaying determination throughout a grueling workout or even lending a helping hand in post wod cleanup.

Now it’s time to celebrate! Put on your party pants and join us this upcoming Saturday, October 19th at 7 pm in the upstairs party room at The Bell in Hand Tavern located at 45 Union Street in the heart of downtown Boston. We always see eachother in our grungy gym clothes so we want to encourage you to go above and beyond. We want you to look so good that we can’t figure out who in the world you are. The theme is “dress to the 9’s”- and if you’re not sure what that means- “dressed to perfection; flamboyantly or smartly.” Have fun with it!

1 year

The party starts at 7pm and will continue on throughout the evening as late as you would like it to. Just keep in mind that The Bell in Hand will start charging a $10 cover after 9pm so plan to arrive before then. We have asked that the bar be stocked with plenty of tequila and ciders and preordered plenty of light bites/horderves. We have also arranged for a slide show presentation from the scavenger hunt earlier that afternoon and requested the DJ to come in early so be prepared to celebrate and most likely bust out a few dance moves. Don’t hesitate, come on out and plan for a fun filled evening! Get to know a few new faces and spend time with some of your Southie friends! We look forward to seeing you there!!