Upcoming Event! – Saturday Morning Throwdown By The Out Foundation!


Upcoming Event!! – Saturday Morning Row Down by The Out Foundation is coming to CFS!

All are welcome to join The Row Down! Teams of 2 will compete in a Covid-safe, 3-part workout. Scores from each part of the workout and placement on the fundraising leaderboard will be used to calculate the top performers!

Date/Time – Saturday May 22nd from 10-12PM.
Cost – CFS Members – $40 per team
Non-Members – $60 per team

*Total registration fee goes to support The Out Foundation

Teams are gender inclusive and can consist of any combination of gender identity. No teammate? No problem. If you want to participate but don’t have a partner, email [email protected] and we’ll pair you up with someone for the event!


5k Row: 20 min cap
You and your partner have to accumulate 5000m, switching whenever
The score is your time (or meters completed at 20mins)

Begins at 20:00
You and your partner have 5 minutes to accumulate max-effort burpee-plate
One partner works at a time, can switch whenever
The score is total combined burpees

Begins at 25:00
You and your partner have 10 minutes to complete your max clean (can be squat or power)
The score is total combined weight/Wilks Coefficient*

It starts at the time of the event registration
You and your partner have up to Event 3 to fundraise for your team. The score is total dollars raised.

*Event 3 will be scored using the *Wilks Calculator, so all athletes will have to weigh in at the beginning of the event. This makes it more equal in terms of allowing teams, no matter gender mix, will be scored as fair and inclusive as possible.


1st Place – PUMA FUSE Shoes, PUMA Gift Card, Ascent Protein, Beast goodr shades, and 2POOD Belt.

2nd Place – PUMA FUSE Shoes, Ascent Protein, Beast goodr shades, and 2POOD Belt.

3rd Place – Ascent Protein, Beast goodr shades, and 2POOD Belt.

Top Fundraising Team Overall -Beast goodr shades and a $50 Gift Card for The OUT Foundation Shop.

For more information and to register please CLICK HERE!

50s on|10s off
-KB Toe Taps
-Alt Lunging Sampson Stretch
-Lateral Box Up and Overs
-Good mornings*
-Box Crunches
-Single Leg Box Plyos Step Ups**

*kb held at the chest
**switch legs halfway

1. SL KB Deadlift to Press L
2. SL KB Deadlift to Press R
3. KB Front Rack Step-up L
4. KB Front Rack Step-up R
5. Kneeling Chop L
6. Kneeling Chop R

Kettlebell Swing 1.5|1
Box Jump 24|20
Push-Press 95|65

10 Toes to Bar

The first round starts with the Toes to Bar

Level 2- 1|0.75
Level 1- 0.75|0.5
ADV – 2|1.5, 115|80

Extra Work – Conditioning
8 Rounds of
2:00 on| 2:00 off
15|10 Cal Row
10 Lateral Burpees
Max Cal Bike Erg