Double WOD

Normal week next week.  We will take our rest days on Thursday and Sunday.  If you are taking Tuesday off for the New Year, make up the WOD on Thursday or give yourself an extra day or rest.

Warm-up (10 minute cut-off)
One time through
30 Burpees
40 Barbell thrusters
1000m row

Skill (10 minutes)
Handstand holds
Free Standing handstand push-ups

WOD 1 (10 minute cut-off)
20 Shoulder to overhead
40 Burpee Bar Jumps

Games (185,125)
Regional (155,105)
Open (135,95)

*partition the reps as desired

Rest 10 minutes

WOD 2 (10 minute cut-off)
Regional WOD 2011
Box jump (30,24)

Games (315,205)
Regional (275,185)
Open (225,155)