Christina: Toes Through Rings at the Garage Games

The Garage Games New England Finals will be held  here at your home box Crossfit Southie. I participated in CFNE’s event and got to see first hand how strong their community is. They had a ton of judges and volunteers from their box, as well as a considerable amount of athletes competing. I really hope for the same for Southie. This is going to be a great first time competition. If you have not competed before and want to give it a shot, this will be a great event for you. If you have competed, then sign up and represent Southie hard!

  • RX athletes need to be able to work with 95/65lbs through all barbell movements and must be able to do unassisted pull-ups.
  • Scaled athletes need to be able to handle 65/45lbs through all barbell pull-ups and need to be able to complete pull-ups with the purple/blue band.

To register, click here. These events sell out a lot faster than you would imagine. Don’t miss out!!!

Shoulder/overhead mobility central

Handstand Push Ups

Deadlifts (225,135)
Handstand push ups

L2- (185,115)
L1-(135, 95); hand release push-ups