Erg City

Competitors- We would like to try to get as many competitors as possible to come to the advanced class at 7:30 tomorrow (Saturday) morning. We realize it is early, but we only have a couple weeks left. Try your best to get here.

Southie Box #2- Most of you already know, but we are opening a second space. Our lease started a couple days ago. It is about 10 feet from our space now. Our hope is to have the space ready for the first sectionals event. We will be painting the space this weekend and next week. Anyone who is willing to help out or is an expert painter, we could use you. Also, our flooring is being delivered on Wednesday. If any guys are willing to help with that, please let us know. Laying it down is an easy process…the mats are just really heavy.

Hang Squat Snatch

Row 2K