DAV 5K Registration


OUTDOORS – Please do not park in the lot

DAV 5K – Team CFS & MBA Mortgage
This year we have decided to get a group together for the DAV 5k on Saturday, November 6th, the race course is right here in Southie. The race honors Veterans and is a run, walk or roll that thanks those who served, and raises awareness of the issues our ill and injured veterans face every day. For the race we will be partnering with MBA mortgage and signing up under their team. The president of MBA mortgage is our (Goose and Amy​’s) next door neighbor. This is a special race for him because he is a veteran, but also because he is a quadriplegic and participates in his wheelchair with his family by his side. You can sign up for the CrossFit Southie/mba mortgage team HERE. Veterans are free. The cost to participate is $40.00 for non-veterans.

4 Rounds
30s on|10s off

-1:00 Rest-

4 Rounds
30s on|10s off
Alternating between
-Plank Ups

**Pick up the Intensity with each interval


With a Band
1. Good Morning
2. Side Step
3. Monster Walk
4. Press
5. Bent-over Row*

E3MOM until you finish X reps
20|15 Cal Row
Power Clean
Front Squats

The first interval you will accumulate power cleans, the second interval you accumulate front squats, the 3rd interval you accumulate jerks.

Continue to rotate through the movements until you reach X number of Reps

RX- X = 150 Reps @ 115|75
Level 3- X =120 Reps @ 115|75
Level 2 – X = 90 Reps @95|55
Level 1- X = 60 Reps @75|35
ADV – 135|95

If you think you can finish the workout in under 4 rounds (12 minutes) then scale UP the weight

Extra Work
For Quality*
400m Single KB Farmers Carry 2|1.5
400m Single KB Front Rack Carry 2|1.5
400m Overhead KB Carry 2|1.5

*Switch sides at the 200m Line