Dancer, Prancer, Rowy, Jumpy and Pully

Lookin' Good Laura
Lookin’ Good Laura

Schedule Update: Due to the snow, tonight’s 7:30pm class has been cancelled. 7pm class is ON. Stay safe out there!

Are you tired of your hands tearing on high-rep pull up days (like today!), or your wrists killing you from heavy jerks and overhead squats? Good news! We’ve got wrist wraps and hand grips back in stock in all sizes! Stop by the desk to pick up a pair before they sell out again!

Row 1000m
20 Box Jumps (27,24)
20 Pull-ups
Row 800m
18 Box Jumps
18 pull-ups
Row 600m
16 Box Jumps
16 Pull-ups
Row 400m
14 Box Jumps
14 Pull-ups
Row 200m
12 Box Jumps
12 Pull-ups

*full stand on box jumps

Level 2- (24,20)
Level 1- (24,20), 500,400,300,200