Power or Nah?

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No babysitting this Saturday or next Saturday the 22nd.  Joelle is on vaca.  Babysitting will resume on Saturday July 6th.

2 Rounds
10 Push Ups
50’ Plate Drag
15 Bandy Presses
50’ Duck Walk
15 Banded Good Mornings

2 Power Snatches (85-90%)

In 4 minutes complete
21 Deadlifts (225,155)
10 Push-ups
10 Wallballs

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4 minutes complete
15 Deadlifts (255,170)
10 Push-ups
10 Wallballs

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4 minutes complete
9 Deadlifts (275,185)
10 Push-ups
10 Wallballs

Level 3 (225,135)(235,145) (245,155)
Level 2- (185,115 +20lbs)
Level 1- (135,95 +10 lbs), Regular Push-ups
ADV- Handstand Push-ups (300, 195)

Extra Work
Ski Erg 6 x 25/20 Cals
Rest 45s between each interval
Adv – 12 intervals

Southie On The Beach Volleyball!

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Southie On The Beach Volleyball!
Join us for an awesome day of fun in the sun! We’re setting up for our 3rd year of Beach Volleyball! Come by for some friendly competition! We’ll also have corn-hole and spike ball, or just come by to chill with us and enjoy this summer weather! Volleyball teams are made on the fly. For more information check out our Facebook Invite HERE

Date/Time: Sunday, June 30th/9:30AM start
Location: Carson Beach in Southie
Cost: FREE

Warm Up
Partner Up!
Run long way to 200M Line with one Med Ball

Med Ball Partner Warm Up
-Chest Pass
-Sumo Throw
-Side Toss
-Burpee Toss
-Seated Russian Twist

3 Rounds
10 Skull Crushers
10 Lat Pull Over

In 20 Minutes Complete
1 Mile Run/2k Row or Ski/3 Mile Bike
15/12 Calorie Row
15 Box Jump Overs
15 Medball Sit-ups

Level 2 – 1200m Run/1500m Row or Ski/2 Mile Bike
Level 1 – 800m Run/1000m Row or Ski/1.5 Mile Bike
ADV – GHD Sit-ups

445 Conditioning Class
Partner Style
120/100 Calorie Row
60 Burpees
100/80 Calorie Ski
60 Burpees
80/60 Calorie Bike
60 Burpees

-one partner works while the other partner rests

Cryotherapy Coming to CFS!

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Cryothletics at CFS – Saturday, June 22nd 9AM-12PM
We are excited to be hosting Cryothletics at CrossFit Southie on Saturday, June 22nd. If you’ve been curious about cryotherapy, now is your chance to try it out!

“Cryotherapy is a fast, non-invasive pain management and recovery treatment that exposes the body to extreme cooling in a controlled environment using vapourized liquid nitrogen. This revolutionary recovery technique is used by professional athletes as well everyday fitness enthusiasts and those who suffer from certain chronic illnesses to promote their recovery and improve overall health.”

The cost for a whole body cryotherapy session is usually $65 – but cryothletics will be here offering it to CFS members for just $30! The whole thing takes about 5 minutes and will leave you feeling refreshed and recovered like you’ve never been before. You can read more about the benefits of cryotherapy here.

This treatment can be done before or after a workout. Just note, you must be complete dry to enter the cryotherapy chamber. If you plan to book a session after your workout, please allow time to towel off and for your sweat to dry off 🙂

To reserve your session, click HERE.

Cryothletics portable cryotherapy chamber

Burpee Pull-Up with 4-6 Second Negative on the way down
Muscle Clean and Strict Press
Front Rack Lunges(on each leg)
*Sub for Negatives is :20 Hanging Hollow Hold each round

Front Rack Lunge 25 ft
Warm-up with 2 climbing sets
Then complete 4-5 straight sets

Clean and Jerks (155,105)
Burpee Pull-ups

Level 3- 135,95
Level 2- 115,75
Level 1- 95,45
ADV – Burpee Bar Muscle-up, (185,115)

Extra Work
3 Rounds
20/15 Cals Assault bike
100 meter front rack sandbag carry 140/90

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

Brian Campbell is Going to the Games!

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Coach Brian Campbell is going to the CrossFit Games!

This is much overdue, but we want to send the biggest congratulations to Brian Campbell for qualifying to compete at the 2019 CrossFit Games! This year the CrossFit Games are being held in Madison, WI on August 1st-4th.

The process for qualifying for the Games is long and requires a ton of hard work and dedication. In order to qualify for the Games, athletes must first compete in the CrossFit Open and come in the top 200 in their age bracket. The top 200 athletes then move on to the Age Online Qualifier, a series of five workouts completed over one weekend. At the end of the weekend, only the top ten athletes move on to the CrossFit Games.

Brian has been working toward this goal for a long time. He made it to the Age Online Qualifier in 2017 & 2018, but fell short of making it to the Games. He has been training hard over the past year, and his hard work certainly showed. This year, he had his best Open finish ever, coming in 24th in the world in the 40-44 age division. Needless to say, he was well within the Top 200 and moved on to the Age Online Qualifier again. After a weekend of extremely tough workouts, Brian landed in sixth place (in the world!), securing his first trip to the CrossFit Games!

Brian is extremely dedicated to his training, so he is ready for whatever events he will face in Madison. We are proud to have such a hard-working athlete representing CrossFit Southie on the big stage. If you see Brian in here (and chances are you will – he’s always here!) be sure to give him a big high five and a congratulations. If you are interested in supporting Brian’s trip to Madison, you can contribute here.

We will keep you posted on how you can watch all of the action out in Madison as the Games get closer. Go get ‘em, Bri!

Partner A: 200m run
Partner B: Burpees over the sandbag


Partner A: 200m run
Partner B: Sandbag Front Squats


Partner A: 200m run
Partner B: Sandbag Hang Clean and Press

Calf Rolling and Stretching

Max Consecutive Double Unders

WOD (20 minute cap)
400m Sandbag Run (4/3)
20 Overhead Squats (95/65)
20 Toes to Bar
200m Sandbag run
100 Double Unders
200m sandbag run
20 Toes to Bar
20 OHS
400m Sandbag Run

Level 2 (75,55), 3/2 sandbag
Level 1 (65,35), no sandbag

Scores/Comments from 6/19/2018  
Scores/Comments from 8/25/17

Extra Work
1000m Bike Erg
21 Back Squats (185/125)
1000m Bike Erg
15 Back Squats
1000m Bike Erg
9 Back Squats

Sub .7 miles on the Assault Bike

Girls Gone Wild Team Relay Event

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Girls Gone Wild – Friday June 21st from 6-8PM
Join us for a great night dedicated to a few of our Crossfit Girl Benchmarks! Athletes will be on Co-Ed Teams of 5 including scaled, intermediate and RX athletes! Girls Night Out will be run in a relay style! Each athlete will perform one of the Classic Crossfit Girl WODs listed below. There will be scaling options for each WOD. We will make your teams and you will decide together which athlete will take on which girl. All are encouraged and welcome to throwdown! To register please fill out THIS FORM

* There will still be GENERAL CLASSES at 4 and 5pm this night. The 6 and 7pm classes will be cancelled. All are encouraged to come in. If you miss registration, come in anyway we will fit you in!

Teams of 5 Relay. Teammates must tag before proceeding on to the next portion of the workout.
*We will also have an advance option for smaller teams that would like to take on two or more girl WODS!

1K Row
50 Thrusters (45/35)
30 Pull Ups

Intermediate – 35/25; 25 Pull Ups
Scaled – 750m Row; 30 Thrusters, 30 Jumping Pull Ups

Thrusters (95/65)

Intermediate – 15-12-9
Scaled – (65/35); Jumping Pull-Ups

150 Wall Ball (20/14)
Men – 10ft target
Women – 9ft target

Intermediate – (14/10)
Scaled – (14/10) 100 Reps

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

Intermediate – (95/65)
Scaled – (65/35)

Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Push-Ups

Intermediate – (185/125) 15-12-9
Scaled – (135/95) Hand Release Push-Ups

Warm Up
3 Rounds
:30 Bike Hard
:30 Easy Pace
:30 Rest and Transition to next station

3 Rounds
:30 Squat
:30 Active Squat Hold in bottom
:30 Rest and Transition to next station

3 Rounds
:30 Seated BB Strict Press
:30 Front Rack Hold (Adv- Overhead Hold)

Banded Shoulder Stretching

3 Reps @80-90%

For time:
50/40 Calorie Bike
50 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
50 Goblet Squats

Level 2- 40/30 Bike (1.5,1)
Level 1- 30/20 Bike (1,0.75)
ADV- KB Snatches(2,1) & Double kettlebell front squat (1.5/1) or 50/35 DBs

Core Cash-out
Hollow Rocks
Side plank Raises (split reps in half)

Extra Work
3 Rounds of
50’ HS walk*
3 Rope Climbs

ADV – 75’ HS Walk
*scale to 25’, 30 shoulder taps or 5 Wall Climbs

Boot Camp/Conditioning (6:30AM in Southie Green/4:45PM in Southie Orange)
Every 5 Minutes for 30 Minute
400m Run
15/12 Calorie Bike
20/15 calorie Ski

Bootcamp Version
12/10 ski

Fire Breather

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Benchmark/Strength Schedule – Click Here

8:00 AMRAP
15/12 Calorie Row
5 Negative Push-Ups (7 second count on the way down)
:40 Jump Rope (start with singles, progress to double unders)
*If doing RX athletes should have 30 dubs in :40

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
5×10 (5 each Side) Keep the the weight light and focus on form

1. 15/12 Calorie Row
2. 12 Burpees
3. 30 Double Unders

Level 2- 12/10 Calorie Row, 9 Burpees, 15 Double Unders
Level 1- 10/8 Calorie Row, 60 Single Unders

CFS Endurance Sunday – Southie Orange 10AM
[email protected]
Sat 6/8/2019 10:20 AM
[email protected];


CFS Endurance Sunday – Southie Orange 10AM
Endurance WOD
Rest 3 Minutes between WODs

15 / 12 Cals Bike
10 V-Ups
10 KB Suitcase Deadlifts
100m KB Farmers Carry
200m Run

200m Run
250m Ski
15 Wall balls
250m Ski
100m Heavy Sandbag Chest Carry (heavy but fast)

At Home WOD
EMOM: 20
Odd: 5 Burpees + 10 Air Squats
Even: 10 Sit Ups + 20 Russian Twists


World’s Greatest Stretch – 5:00 Total

3 Month Switch It Up Summer Special!

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Schedule Update – Babysitting is on today

3-Month Summer Special! ($150 Savings!)
Sign up for 3 months of our 3 classes per week CrossFit membership and enjoy $150 in savings! With our flexible class schedule and no need to reserve classes in advance, this summer special is the perfect opportunity to kick your fitness routine into high gear for the summer! There are no restrictions on the days/times you come to classes each week; come whenever fits your schedule! Your three weekly classes can be used to attend general CrossFit classes or specialty classes (Olympic Lifting, Bootcamp, etc.) Your membership also includes access to several free bonus classes each week! You can register by clicking HERE

*CFS Fam, if you’ve got any friends who you think would be interested in getting started, please share this offer with them. There’s no better time of year than the summer at CFS!

Parking Lot Agility with Cones
-High knees
– Forward side shuffle
– Backwards side shuffle
– Run up to cone and back peddle back. weaving around the cones facing to the right or left.
– Return back facing the same direction
– Other exercises to add in- lunges, straight leg kicks

Quad Stretching
Hamstring Stretching

800m Run
21 Squat Cleans (135,95)
800m Run
15 Squat Cleans
800m run
9 Squat Cleans

Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,45)
ADV- (155, 105)


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Schedule Update – Babysitting is back this Saturday!

:90 on/:30 Rest & Rotate
Row or Ski
Strict Dumbbell Press
Wall Plank

BEAST Makers
5×5- Ascend in weight as able

4 Rounds for Max Reps/cals
1 Minute Work:20s Rest and Rotate
1 .Row/ski
2. Handstand Push-up
3. Bike
4. SA DB Snatches (50,35)

1 Minute Rest

Level 2- (40,25), 2x regular push-ups, x2 Handstand Push-ups
Level 1- (30,15), Regular Push-ups
ADV- Strict

Extra Work
Heavy Rope Dubs X 3

May Monthly Achievements!

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Monique & AJ

May Achievements
Another month of your hard work paying off! Scroll down to see our May Monthly Achievements. This is also a great time to check in with your monthly goals on the left side of our board. If you need some guidance on attaining your goals feel free to ask a coach for help! We’re excited to see another month of new milestones from you all…on to June!

Warm Up
In 90 seconds
20 Lateral Up & Overs
AMRAP Scap Pull Ups

Rest :30 seconds

In 90 seconds
15 Squat Jumps
AMRAP Kip Swings

Rest :30

In 90 Seconds
10 Box Jumps w/ Step Down
AMRAP Strict Pull Ups or Ring Rows

1 Back Squat @90-95%

Thruster (95,65)
Box jumps (27,24)

RX=15 chin over bar
      12 chest to bar
      9 strict

Level 2 – (75,50), (24,20)
Level 1 – (55,35), (24,20)
ADV – 15 Chest, 12 Strict, 9 Bar Muup

4:45 Conditioning Class
Run 1 Mile @90%

10:00 -20:00
EMOM 15/12 Calories on the Rower


800m Sprint @85%

60/50 Calorie Row, last and final effort

Coach’s Corner – Carmen DaRocha!

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Carmen at The Color Run 5K!

Coach’s Corner – Carmen DaRocha
We’d like to welcome Coach Carmen DaRocha to the Crossfit Southie Coaching staff! We’re so excited to have her onboard, she has a great passion for fitness and helping others! Carmen was born and raised in Boston, Ma. She’s a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner during the day and a CrossFit Coach and avid workout fan during the later part of the day! Read below to learn more about our newest addition!

Side Crow Anyone?!

Experience/years as a Crossfitter/Coach?
I’ve been doing CrossFit since July 2014. I began my CF career at CrossFit on the Hill (COTH) in Roxbury. And I’ve been coaching since September 2017.

Athletic Background
When I was in high school, I got dragged to an information session about crew/rowing. I had no idea what it was but ended up falling in love with the sport and rowed 4 yrs and competed in the Head of the Charles Regatta. (Don’t ask me what place we got, let’s just say that they don’t hand out medals for anything past 45th place).

Previous to that, I tried out for my high school track team, never competed in a race and only went to our practices because I had a crush a boy who was a top athlete on the team. I’m a pretty mediocre runner.

Other than that, I didn’t have much time for sports or athletics in college back in my heyday. Being in nursing school did not allow for much extracurricular activities let alone a decent night sleep! Now I workout almost daily and get antsy if I go too long without breaking a sweat- It helps keep my sanity and I love to push myself to see what new skills and tricks I can teach myself! (Bar MUPs, I’m looking at you)

Classes you currently coach?
5:30am IGN+ITE
6 + 7am Friday mornings

Favorite WOD and Movement?
Favorite WOD: Annie
Favorite Movements: Heavy Hang Cleans & DUs

Least Favorite WOD and Movement
Least Favorite WOD: definitely has to be FRAN, Thrusters are not my friend.
Least Favorite movement: In addition to thrusters, certainly running. And let’s throw Bar muscle ups in there, only because I can’t do them (YET!)

Any advice for Newbies and/or Veterans?
Newbies: try not to worry about what people around you look like, how heavy their weight is or whether they are doing the WOD RX- if you are constantly comparing yourself to the person next to you, you’ll never be able to appreciate your abilities or how far you’ve come! Stick with it, keep going; it never get’s easier, you just get better!
Veterans: Listen to your body, take a rest day every once in a while so you can continue being present and kicking ass in workouts when you’re 85 years young. Also, if you see a new person, go up to them, say hello, help them out. It means a lot to the newbies if you can take two seconds during your day fist bump them after a WOD or to say “hey, nice job!”.

Fun fact most people don’t know about you
I married my high school sweetheart. We met in math class (9th grade at Boston Latin Academy) but really hit it off in Chemistry Class (see what I did there?). I also got pretty terrible grades in Chemistry class and I am certain that he is to blame. We then got married 7 years later on a beach in Aruba, small ceremony with just our immediate family. tbh-I’m surprised that he isn’t sick and tired of me yet since we are such polar opposites!

What do you enjoy most about the CrossFit community?
No one will understand the pain cave of doing a brutal WOD more like your fellow CrossFit pals. Having someone by your side, cheering you on, screaming your name, when you feel like you can’t push yourself any further is like nothing else I’ve experienced before. Name one other sport where you see the last person in a workout getting the most cheers and biggest applause. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Carmen & Remy!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-Crossfit Speciality Course: Rowing/Erg Course Certification
-Mad Dogg Athletics’s Spinning® Certification
-Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR/AED Certified
-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
-State of Massachusetts, Registered Nurse

-Being outdoors in the sunshine, preferably with my dog, Remy and husband David
-Drinking on Patios; I’ll take a glass of white wine please or a spicy Margarita!
-Spinning; I teach a few classes here and there at Commonwealth Sports Club
-Concerts/Comedy Shows; Take me to a SNL viewing please!
-Cruising; Boston to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise line is so fun!
-Eating pizza; and yes, I take my pizza with pineapple. THERE, I said it.

Run 400m
Then 2 Rounds
:30 on/:10 Off
-Fast Hands On & Off Plate
-Plate Ground to Overhead
-Overhead Lunges

Hero WOD (35 min Hard Cap)
5 Rounds For Time
3 Rope Climbs (15 ft)
10 Toes-to-Bars
21 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/35 lb plate)
400 meter Run

Level 2- 1 Rope Climb, 2 10 ft climbs
Level 1- 4 Rounds, 3 pull to stands, (15,10)
ADV – Short Rope
ADV+ – Legless 3/2

Extra Work
Bar Muup*
90’ HSwalk**

*Scale the #, use bands or sub C2b
**scale t0 50’, 25’ or 20 shoulder taps.