Cleaning House

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Sean’s T2B Lookin Crisp!

*Schedule Update* Sunday we will be running a reduced schedule for the St. Patty’s Day Parade.  We will be running 2 classes of “Murph” at 8 and 830am in Southie Green. Goose will lead the group through a warm up for each class and a scalable option for everyone..Please come in!  The box will close at 11am before madness ensues in South Boston, There will be no separate Endurance WOD.

Dynamic Warm Up

Squat Clean
3 Repetitions

For Time:
5 Clean and Jerks (135,95)
15 Wall balls (20/14)
10 Clean and Jerks
25 Wall balls
15 Clean and Jerks
35 Wall balls

Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,45)
ADV – (155/105) 30/20lb wb

3 rounds of
20 GHD Situps
25/20 Cal Ski

ADV – Rest 5 Minutes and repeat

Coaches Corner w/ Sarah Radford & KBK in the house!

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Hey Everyone! We’re pleased to introduce our newest Coach – Sarah Radford. Sarah will be helping out on Tuesday mornings in Southie Orange and is excited to get to work…More from Sarah including our Coaches Corner

As a current communications student in my fourth year at Northeastern University (one more semester left WOOO), I have come to realize that the typical 9-5 office job is definitely not for me. I started Crossfit about a year and a half ago while interning at Reebok in product marketing. I walked into that first class thinking I was just trying to advance my corporate career by networking and meeting other employees but walked out addicted – to the lifestyle, the community, and that lying-on-your-back-thinking-you’re-about-to-die feeling you get post-WOD. That hour every morning became the best part of my day. It became an outlet for my stress, a place for me to improve with no judgment from others, and a space for me to achieve athletic accomplishments I never thought possible. I came to realize that I wanted to become more involved in this community by coaching and becoming that person that helps change someone’s life – I want to help make that hour CrossFit class the best part of their day as well. I want to help people realize that they are capable of so much more than they think – whether it’s doing their first official WOD, getting their first strict pull up, or PRing a lift.

Experience/years as a Crossfitter?
I’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half, and got my CF L1 over the summer

Athletic Background
I trained seriously in dance for about 10 years

Classes you currently coach?
I will be coaching the 6 & 7am classes on Tuesdays 🙂

Favorite WOD and Movement?
Favorite WOD – Filthy Fifty, or really any chipper
Favorite movements – Anything with burpees or rope climbs

Least Favorite WOD and Movement
Least favorite movement – Running or Wallballs
Least favorite WOD – Helen

Any advice for Newbies and/or Veterans?
Newbies: Try not to compare yourself to others and never, ever feel bad about scaling! Everybody starts somewhere; you’re not expected to come into this sport a perfect athlete. That’s the fun of CrossFit! You ALWAYS have something to work on. Even the best athletes have weaknesses, and it’s easy to focus on these and our flaws. But focus on what you can do and celebrate your wins!

Fun fact most people don’t know about you
I thought I wanted to be a producer and tried working on a tv set but couldn’t hang with the crew working from 10am to 4am. Ya girl likes to sleep.

What do you enjoy most about the CrossFit community?
Fitness with friends is always so fun – and whenever you walk into a CrossFit box, you’re around friends. Yes, it’s cheesy as hell, but it’s true. Your community and coaches know you as an athlete – they know when to push you and when to hold back. And I am personally really competitive so working out side by side with others pushing themselves gives me that competitive edge to push me to the intensity that I should always be striving for.

Kettlebell Kitchen will be on site for EVERY class today = Tuesday March 12th! They’ll be bringing breakfast samples for the morning classes and lunch/dinner samples for the afternoon/evening classes. Please stop by for discounts, snacks, questions and giveaways!

Warm Up
2 Rounds
In 3 Minutes:
30/25 Calorie Row
AMRAP Burpees Over the Rower
Rest 1 minute

*Make note of how many burpees you are able to finish during this time. If you get less than 7, consider scaling the row and/or burpees during the workout.

3 Rounds
10 Paloff Press
10 Banded Core Rotation Each Direction

WOD (6 Round / 24 Min Cap)
In 4 Minutes Complete
30/25 Calorie Row
10 Burpees Over the Rower
Then AMRAP Pull-ups

Once the 4 minutes is up return back to the rower start the sequence over again.

Continue until you complete 50 pull-ups

Level 2- 7 Burpees, 40 Pull-ups
Level 1- 20,15, 7 Burpees step-overs, 30 Pull-ups
ADV – 30 pull-ups, 20 C2B, 10 Bar Muscle Ups.

Coaches Note – This WOD should take anywhere between 8-24 mins. Scale accordingly in order to do so.

Bench Press (185,115)*
1 rope Climb after each set

ADV – legless

*Scale bench as necessary, you should be able to get the first 10 in no more than 2 sets.

Make Monday Yours

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Kettlebell Kitchen will be on site for EVERY class tomorrow = Tuesday March 12th! They’ll be bringing breakfast samples for the morning classes and lunch/dinner samples for the afternoon/evening classes. Please stop by for discounts, snacks, questions and giveaways!

Odd – 10/8 Calorie Bike
Even 1- 20 Lateral Up & Overs
Even 2- 12 Step Ups w/ Knee Drive
Even 3- 10 Good Mornings

3 Deadlifts @80% (Hands stay on bar; controlled negative)
5 Weighted step-ups per leg

7 Minute AMRAP
7 Sumo-deadlift high-pulls (95,65)
7 Push-presses
7 Box jump Overs

Level 2- 75,55
Level 1- 55,35

Partner Ca$hout
2 mile Bike
Resting partner holds bar from the WOD. First mile Overhead, second mile in the front rack

Level 2- 75,55, 0-0.5- OH, 0.5-1 mile FR
Level 1- 55,35- 1.5 no holds

Coaches note- the purpose of the holds is for midline stability, so make sure that everyone is pursuing the the workout properly and scale them down if needed.

Teams of 2
3 rounds
200 Double Unders
40 Strict HSPU
*one person works at a time ADV – Deficit 4/2″

If completing alone..
3 Rounds
100 dubs
20 strict HSPUS

Rest 2 mins between rounds

Boot Camp/Conditioning
(6:30AM in Southie Green/4:45 in Southie Orange)

3 Rounds
4 Minutes of Rowing
3 Minutes of Biking
2 Minutes of Running (AR bootcamp)
1 Minute of Ski Erg

Rest 2 Minutes

No Rest between exercises. Accumulate max reps. Below are the goals.

Shuttle Run Sunday

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Warm Ups are Effective AND Fun!

Don’t forget to Spring Ahead tonight for Daylight Savings Time

Warm Up
Strict Toes to Bar
Squat Therapy
*Complete 1 shuttle run before each set

Front Squat
1 Rep @90%

Toes to bar
Back Squats (135,95)

Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,55)
ADV (185/125)

Sub = Sit-Ups-x2

CFS Endurance Sunday – Southie Orange, 10AM
Endurance WOD
E5MOM 15
18 / 13 Cals Row
15 Burpees
20 RKB Swings
15 Ring Row Turn Overs

Rest 2 Minutes

E5MOM 15
13 / 10 Cals Bike
50 Double Unders
15 Wall Balls
15 MB Sit Ups

Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule – click here

At Home WOD
7 Burpees
7 Jumping Squats
7 Jack Knives

Cash Out
World’s Greatest Stretch – 2:00 Total x Side


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Daylight Savings time this Sunday – Spring AHEAD!

In 5 minutes
Row 30/25 Calories
10 Burpees
20 Squat Jumps
30 Hollow Rocks
In the remaining time:
Plank Hold

In 25 Minutes:
100/80 calorie Row
10 Rounds
4 Burpee Pull-ups
6 Thrusters (75,55)
8 Power Snatches (75,55)
In the remaining time:
Row for Calories

Level 2- (65,45)
Level 1- (55,35)
ADV- Burpee Bar muscle-ups 4/3

E2MOM for 14 Mins
2 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
2 Jerks

Open WOD 19.3

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Eva – Beautiful SLDL

Normal Class Schedule today.  No Friday Night Lights, no sign up necessary come on in and we will partner you up for the WOD.

Open WOD 19.3
For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk

Men: 50-lb. dumbbell / 24-in. box
Women: 35-lb. dumbbell / 20-in. box

Post reps to comments, and/or submit your score as part of the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.

Extra Work
50/40 Cals Row
50/40 Cals Ski
50/40 Cals Bike
E2MOM complete 5 burpees excluding the 3-2-1 Go!

Short on time?  Scale to 30/25 Cals and 3 burpees.


Nutrition Challenge Results

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#TBT – Chase & Bradley – FNL 18.4

Nutrition Challenge Results!
This was the biggest CFS Nutrition challenge yet with over 55 people signed up for the six-week team-based challenge. Although not everyone was focused on weight loss, together the gym lost a total of 292 lbs, most of which was body fat! We are very proud of how well everyone supported each other and remained compliant and consistent. A lot goes into determining the winners, and the top teams were very, very close.

Overall Team Winners: Pho Keene Great
Team Members: Mooch, Shane M, Jason T, Phil G, Ben C and Toby M
Prize: $600
Fueled by their competitive spirits, this team was determined to win from the beginning. They all really came together despite busy work and travel schedules. They stayed committed to their early am workout schedules even on the darkest, coldest mornings, and even had fun doing so. They learned how to incorporate more veggies into their diet, eat healthy while traveling, and they also saw some great fitness and body composition results. As a team, they lost a total of 63 lbs! They also PR’d their clean and jerks and got faster and fitter in the benchmark WODs. Amazing job, we are all proud of you! We hope you continue to work together in the future.

Male Winner: Sean G
Prize: $250
Sean’s determination and consistency were very impressive throughout the challenge. He learned a great deal about nutrition and how to fuel his body properly. Sean is a great example of how you need to eat enough to lose weight; he was eating close to 3000 calories every day! He saw significant weight loss of 21 lbs (9% of his body weight) in just six weeks. He lost 3 inches off his waist and 3.2% body fat. He meal prepped most of his meals but remained flexible when dining out. He cooked more at home, avoided alcohol, dairy, and added sugar. He pushed himself in workouts but also took rest days as needed (and even started doing yoga). His 27 rep increase during the 7 min Cindy benchmark WOD is further evidence that he also became more fit. We are very proud of Sean and are excited to see him continue with his health and fitness goals. Great work, Sean!

Female Winner: Joelle M
Prize: $250
A nutrition challenge veteran, Joelle was aware of the benefits that focusing on nutrition and health can provide. She remained steadfast throughout the challenge and put the time and effort into all the right things. She made time for meal prep and brought her food with her everywhere. She was consistent with workouts and rest days and made sure to get enough sleep. Over the course of six weeks, she lost 5.7% of her body weight (10.6 lbs), 4.7% body fat and 2.75 inches off her waist. She also shaved 17 seconds of her 1k row time, PR’d her clean and jerk by 10 lbs, and increased her reps on the benchmark WOD by 29! Amazing job, Joelle!

We hope everyone can incorporate the things they learned and find a good balance with their health and fitness moving forward. If you are looking to take your health and fitness to the next level, or just want to improve your diet, Michelle can create a personalized nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and goals. Feel free to reach out to her directly ([email protected]).

Warm Up
2 Rounds
1 Minute Bike
1 Min Jump Rope
1 Min Alt. Russian Swings

Overhead Squat
2 Reps @ 85%

5 Rounds
1 Minute Max Calorie Bike
1 Minute Max Double Unders
1 Minute Max Kettlebell Swings (2, 1.5pd)
1 Minute Rest

Level 2- (1.5,1)
Level 1- (1,0.75)

Conditioning (4:45 in Southie Orange)
“Brock” Hero WOD
100/80 Calorie Row
100/80 Calorie Ski Erg
100/80 Calorie Assault Bike
Every 2 minutes perform 7 burpees

February Achievements!

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Ries – Armless Pull Ups? ADVANCED.

February Achievements!
We love to celebrate your accomplishments! Check out your Achievements from the last month below! If we missed any please comment and tell us about it! Keep up the great work and don’t forget to start putting those March Achievements on the board! This is also a great time to check in with your Monthly Goals to the left of the Achievement board as well!
Odd – 15/12 Cal Row
Even 1- 20 Single Leg V-Ups – click here for demo
Even 2- 20 Jumping Lunges
Even 3- 5 Inchworms + 3 Push ups

Front Rack Lunge
6 Sets of 25’
Or 6 x10 Alt. Steps in Place

EMOM Indefinitely
Odd- 15/12 Calorie Row
Even- BB Reps* of 30- Shoulder to Overhead- 20 Front rack Lunges- 10 Power Snatches (115,75)

*The goal should be to finish around 12 minutes, 10 Reps on the even minutes

Level 2- 12/10 Calories, (95,55)
Level 1- 10/8 Calories, (75,35), 21 STOH- 15 FRL, 9 Power Snatch
ADV – 135/95

Extra Work
9-7-5 Sandbag Clean (140/90)
50ft handstand walk

ADV (190/120), 100ft HSwalk

Southie TurnPIKE

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Mike – Focused on the Box Squat

Lateral Up & Overs x 2
Push Ups w/ Feet on Box*
Box Crunches
*ADV- Pike Push Ups

Strict press
Strict Pull-up

2 Rounds
30 Deadlifts (185,125)
15 Handstand Push-ups
30 Box jumps
20 Toes to bar

Level 2- (155,105), 30 Push-ups
Level 1- (115,75), 20 DL&BJ, 15 Push-ups, 20 Sit-ups
ADV – Strict HSPU

Coaches Tip – Deadlifts are meant to be light and fast here. Something you can knock in 1-3 sets.

Extra Work
3 Rounds
100 Double Unders
25/20 Cals Echo Bike

Am Classes Cxled. The box will open at 1030AM

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Ashley Crush-ing It

Schedule Update – AM Classes Cxled.  The box will open for normal schedule at 1030am.   Classes will be held at 11, 12, 4, 445, 5, 530, 6, 630, 7 & 730pm.

Partner Med ball Fun!

Butts and Guts
2 Rounds
:30 Work/:15 Rest
Plan Ups with Feet on Med ball
Med ball Sit-ups
Russian Twists
Weighted Glute Bridges
Floor Jacks – click here for demo

Each for time
30 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)
30 Wall balls
30 Burpees

Rest 2 Minutes

20 Hang Power Cleans (155,105)
20 11ft Wall balls*
20 Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 2 Minutes

10 Hang Power Cleans (175,115)
10 2-for-1 Wall balls
10 Prison Burpees**

Level 2- (95/65), (115/80), (135/95)
Level 1- (65/35), (80/45), (95/55), regular wall balls across
ADV- (155/105), (175/115), (195/125)

*11ft is in the black in Southie Green, above the shamrock in Southie Orange

**Prison burpee = 3 push ups for each burpee

Extra Work
3 rounds
21 Cal Ski
3/2 legless rope Climbs*

*Scale to 1 legless and 2 regular or to legless for a few pulls and finish with regular.

Boot Camp/Conditioning
(6:30AM in Southie Green/4:45 in Southie Orange)

4 Rounds
1 Minute Each Station :30 seconds rest and rotate
1. Row for calories
2. Burpees
3. Bike for Cals
4. Ski for Cals
5. x distance sprint/run for calories