Crossfit Southie Swag Here!

Guys, get excited! We just got some new Crossfit Southie gear in. Swag for days on days on days.  Come stop by the front desk to check it out or take a sneak peek on our site here. In lieu of the new gear, we’re having a BLOWOUT sale on the items pictured below.

$20 Hoodie
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$20 Hoodie
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Never stop learning
Never stop learning

In CrossFit we are constantly striving to be a better athlete. We want what is slightly out of reach which is the beauty of this sport. If it were easy, why would we do it? But what good is a squat snatch if our air squat isn’t perfect, and why would we learn the muscle up when our pull up/ring dips still need some work? Continue to practice and refine those skills and your goals will be met. In the meantime lets get back to the fundamentals of Crossfit, the couplet. Two movements back and forth leaving you no where to hide. Attack this workout and as a result will increase your work capacity leaving you more fit and more prepared for all of tomorrow’s challenges. -Coach Retta

Farmers Carry’s

Farmers Carry working to a 1RM load for 50 meters

5 Rounds
Run 400 meters
21 Deadlifts (185,135)


L2- (155/95); 4 Rounds
L1-(105/65); 4 Rounds