Upcoming Events

*Important* Due to lack of interest, the CrossFit endurance classes (Tuesday and Thursday at 7am) have been changed to All Levels classes. If you are interested in CrossFit Endurance, let us know, we will provide programming and open up the gym to you during these times.

2011 Crossfit Games NorthEast Regionals
When: 06.17.11 – 06.19.11
Where: Reebok World Headquarters
1895 JW Foster Blvd.
Canton, MA 02137
Games Qualification Spots: 3 Men,3 Women,3 Teams

We have 9 CrossFit Southie Athletes competing at the Regionals! We would love to have as much support as possible. Last year was a kick ass time. The best in the Region, giving their all in the ultimate test of fitness. Believe me, you guys do not want to miss this.

2011 Summer Bay State Games Oly Competition
Who: Open to all MA residents
Where: UMass Boston
When: Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Why: Why not?

There are different weight classes and if the competition is anything like it was last year we will have some top finishers. If you are interested in registering post to comments.

2011 CrossFit Games
Be there when we crown the Fittest on Earth™
July 29th – 31st
Home Depot Center
Carson, California

Amy and I are going. We are going to look into flights and renting a house. If you are at all interested. Post to comments.


Core Stabilization/K2E/T2B

5 rounds of
5 Deadlifts (275, 185)
10 Toes2Bar
20 Walking Lunges

Advanced -7 Rounds (315, 205)
L2 – (225, 135)
L1 – (135, 95)