Teams of 4

group hug

Warm-up (15 min)
1000m Row @70%
20 Overhead squats
20 Ring Rows
20 Handstand shoulder taps
6 minutes stretching shoulders, traps, and lats

Skill (10 min)
Handstand Walking

WOD (15 min)

Team Workout 1
Guys complete full workout, then girls full workout:

70 CTB Pull-Ups
2 Synchronized Bear Complexes
70 Burpees- To a target
2 Synchronized Bear Complexes
70 Box Jumps (30/24″)-Full stand
2 Synchronized Bear Complexes

*After the bear complexes move the barbell to the next station*

Guys have two weights on the BB, same with girls.
Guys – 205# and 185#
Girls – 135# and 115#
Teammates choose who lifts which BB, and can change as needed.

Team Workout 2
Teams of 4 keeping with the same order. All four members must participate and need to complete a minimum of 4 reps (pistols, hspus,mups) before cycling to the next person.

2000m Row (minimum 200m)
50 Parallete Handstand push-ups
100 pistols Needs to be alternating. If team member 1 does the last pistol on the left foot team member 2 needs to start on the right or it is a no rep. Pistols will all be done in a small box and the athletes must face forward.
50 Muslce-ups- Only can use one set of rings/team. Can assist teammate from the hips to get into the rings
7 Overhead Squats Each (205,135)- Cannot move forward until all 7 are complete

Scale appropriately if you are not participating in the ECC