Ascent Sampling Tonight: Pre & Post WOD Nutrition


Ascent Tasting & Education
“Ascent is committed to using the best real food ingredients and is designed to improve muscle health and performance.”
You may remember the representatives from Ascent braving the cold at the Southie Showdown to educate our athletes. We have been carrying Ascent products for a while now here at the gym. They have a great product line.
Tuesday night is your chance to sample their line and learn how you can benefit from this pre and post WOD nutrition. They’ll also be launching a new product for Pre-Work-out that you can try out! Ascent will be here during all night classes. Be sure to swing by their table in Southie Green for a sample!

Read on for more information on pre and post WOD nutrition

Want to feel more energized during your work out? Tired of feeling sore days after a WOD? Pre and Post exercise nutrition is where you can really make a difference.

The post exercise meal is arguably the most important meal of the day. Imagine your body as a finely tuned automobile. During the course of the workout we are constantly putting the pedal to the metal, which in turn burns fuel. If our gas gauge read “FULL” at the beginning, it now reads “EMPTY”. We need to replenish and refuel ourselves to ensure our tank is full for the next workout. If we return with anything less we run the risk of running out of fuel too soon, hitting the wall and potentially hurting ourselves. You wouldn’t want to punch it with the gas light on would you?! It is very important to get fuel (sugar) into our bodies as soon as possible. These fast-acting, super potent sugars can be found mainly in fruits (bananas, strawberries, apples, etc). Naturally, longer workouts require more fuel and shorter workouts require less fuel. But remember, don’t go overboard. Any excess sugars could potentially become stored as fat.

Now let’s explore the belts, pistons and other moving parts. Over the course of our intense workout our muscles are constantly being contracted, which leads to microscopic muscle breakdown. This is also the reason we become sore after a tough workout. But don’t sweat it: our body constantly adapts to this and rebuilds those exhausted, broken down muscles to actually come back bigger and stronger than before. We just need to give it the right building blocks. Those building blocks are called branched chain amino acids (BCAAs or in other words protein). These are essential to life and very important post WOD. The best sources of BCAAs can be found in whey protein powder, chicken, beef, eggs, etc) Again remember, the sooner we get those building blocks into our body the sooner the rebuilding process can occur. Whey protein powder is the fastest acting.

The point is we MUST refuel and rebuild. It is recommended that simple sugars and protein (2:1 ratio) are consumed together within 30 minutes post exercise. Protein shakes blended with ice and fruit are the most convenient way to prepare ourselves for the next workout. Lay off the fat immediately after exercise, as fat tends to slow down sugar and protein absorption.

Death by Bar Facing Burpees on the :20 seconds
-In first :20 interval, do 1 bar facing burpee. In 2nd round, do 2 bar facing burpees. Continue until you can no longer complete the prescribed number within the :20 window.

Squat Clean and Jerk
Odd Minutes Only
1. 3 @70%
2. 2 @75%
3. 2 @80%
4. 2 @85%
5. 1@90%
6. 1@95%
7. 1@100%
8. 1@102%

Hang Power Clean (135,95)
Bar Facing Burpees

Level 2- 115,75
Level 1- 95,55
ADV- 155,105

*Coaches Tip* – Unbroken and fast is the goal.

Extra Work
12 muscle-ups
Run 800 meters
9 muscle-ups
Run 400 meters
6 muscle-ups
Run 200 meters


-Using the air runner is encouraged