Congratulations!! – CFS

Hollow Rockin’

Please join us in congratulating Jule & Liz on their engagement! They’ve both been such a huge part of the CFS community for so long, and we could not be happier for them. Congratulations, we love you both!

Power couple and long time 6am dominators Steve and Elyse also were engaged the same weekend!  CONGRATS CHEESE MAN and CHEESE LADY!!!!!!!

Let’s work on those butterflies!
Today’s Wod is a great opportunity to work on your butterfly pull up technique. The pull up station is :40 long. If you’ve been working on this skill regularly, challenge yourself today and make it your goal to get as many butterfly pull ups as possible in this time instead of defaulting right to kipping or singles. Check out this great slow motion tutorial before class tomorrow!

Hollow Rock Challenge
80 Reps

5 Rounds
40s Work:20s Rest
1. Row or Ski Erg
2. DB Cluster (45,25)
3. Assault Bike
4. Pull-up
5. Double Under
Rest 1 Minute

Level 2 – (30,15)
Level 1 – (20,10), Single Unders

Score= Total Reps. Double Unders/5