Congrats Kev & Kary!

Kev and Kary are getting married TODAY!! I have the pleasure of training the bridal party at 8am before wedding day activities.  CFS wishes them all of the best on there very special day!

How they met
Kevin and Kary met through mutual friends while out on the town in Boston in June 2008. They met at Revolution Rock Bar in downtown Boston. Kevin was amazed at Kary’s affinity for skiing and promised to take her out on the slopes in the winter. Kary was amazed that Kevin was willing to teach her a thing or two on the slopes. Little did they know, that Kary had NEVER skied before and the last time Kevin skied he crashed into a tree and broke his arm in two places and was in no position to teach anyone in downhill skiing!
How they got engaged
Kevin and Kary went out to dinner on the Boston Waterfront. After dinner, Kevin coaxed Kary into walking along the waterfront to meet up with friends. Along the route, they just so happened to walk past the spot where Kevin asked Kary out the first time over three years ago. They stopped there for a minute and sat to enjoy the view. Kevin then got on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked Kary to marry him. She said YES!
It’s all about Crossfit Southie
Although both Kary and Kevin are athletic, active and worked out much of their lives, they needed something to kick it up a notch knowing that they would be taking photographs that would last a lifetime. A bunch of Kary’s friends are diehard Crossfit junkies and she was intrigued about what made it so special. After checking out the intro class and joining in August, it took no time for both of them to become hooked! Not only have they both lost weight, but they have gotten stronger, faster and feel more energized, plus they get to do the wod’s together. Thanks Amy and Goose for setting up a box in Southie!
The big day – July 6, 2012
Since they love Southie so much, their nuptials will be a local affair with the ceremony at the Gates of Heaven Church on East 4th and the reception at the Westin Waterfront on Summer Street. And 4pm on 7/6 can’t come fast enough……..

Don’t forget that we have our beer tasting from 7-9 tonight at the harpoon brewery.  There is a $10 suggested donation for our feed TJ fundraiser. If you would like to contribute an app that would be great! We have raised just over $3500 so far!!!! Amazing….Thank you to everyone for all of your support!!!  🙂

3 rounds with pvc pipe
10 Overhead squats
Run 200 m
10 Pass throughs

Overhead squat

Overhead Squat (115,80)
Burpee Pull-ups

L2 – (95,65)
L1 – (65,35)
ADV (135,95)