Upcoming Events

Southie Sing-A-Long
Save the date for our first social event of the spring! Join us for a night of karaoke fun to celebrate the close of the open and hang out with your southie peeps! This year we’ll have a separate room with our own karaoke stage from 9-11:30PM! After that it’s free game and open to the public 🙂

Date/Time: Saturday 4/27 9PM-??
Location: Wild Rover, 63 Chatham Street, Boston
Details: No Cover, No Line, Free Food and a separate room to hang out with your southie crew
*You do not have to sing but it’s of course encouraged! Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone going, by the end of the night you will!

In-House Team Throwdown- Saturday, May 4th!
This competition is for everyone: first time competitors, newbies, long time members, seasoned competitors, and everything in between. This is a fun, no-pressure opportunity to get a taste of what competing is like. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to meet some new people at the gym… because we’ll be making the teams for you!

2018 In-House Podium!!

Teams will be co-ed and will be made up of 2 Rx athletes and 1 scaled athlete. You will choose the division you wish to participate in and then complete the workouts with the prescribed weights or movements for that division. Your coaches will be creating the teams to make sure that they are fair AND to shake things up a bit so that we all have a chance to meet some new faces at the gym. We’ll announce the teams and workouts ahead of time so that you can get together with your team to meet and come up with a game plan. Creative team names and outfits are HIGHLY recommended, though not required.

As always, we’ll close the day out with some beers, ciders, and a barbecue in the parking lot. There will definitely be corn hole… and maybe the return of the dunk tank?! We really hope that EVERYONE can make it and participate! If you are on the fence, talk to someone in class who did it last year or ask one of your coaches… we will help convince you!

2019 Southie Showdown!
Mark your calendars to join us for CrossFit Southie’s Ninth annual Southie Showdown on September 21st & 22nd 2019. This is a two-day individual competition designed to challenge first-time competitors, fire-breathers, and everyone in between. Our new format of three divisions allows you to compete and test your limits against similar athletes. This will be one of the last chances to compete in the crisp fall air before winter rolls in! There will be five guaranteed events over the two days for everyone, and a final event for the top Advanced & Rx Competitors.

2018 Southie Squad during “Reverse Jerry”

Our goal is provide a fun, fair, and challenging competition for all levels of competitors – from total newbies to Regional and Games athletes. Our addition of the Advanced Division makes the competition even more fierce on all levels and gave some of the area’s best athletes a chance to throw down against one another before heading into Open season. We’re looking forward to what the 2019 Showdown will bring.