Nutrition Challenges

2019 Winter Team Nutrition Challenge (January 13-February 23)
This nutrition challenge is for everyone – whether you’ve never given your diet a second thought, or you’ve done several of these challenges in the past. Our goal is to educate you on how you can make healthier choices every day and properly fuel your body to crush it in the gym. We are focused on building your personal health template to encourage healthy food choices beyond the six-week program and want to empower you to better understand how food fuels your body.

For this challenge you will be on teams! Each team will be assigned based on workout time preferences, so you will have a chance to work out together. A team captain will be in charge of coordinating bonus challenges and holding their team members accountable.

Important Info
Buy In: $20
Kick Off Lecture – Saturday, January 5th, 11am
Benchmark Workout – Tuesday, January 15 during all classes
Baseline Measurements & Weigh-Ins – Week of January 7th
Benchmark Workout Testing – Week of January 7th
Challenge Ends – Saturday, February 23rd

To read the full details & rules of the challenge, click HERE.
To track food & points, click HERE.

Nutrition Challenge Points:
Daily Food Log (*must use food tracker online to track food, points, etc.)
4 Points = Perfect Day (absolutely no cheats)
3 Points = One small slip (less than one serving of a cheat all day)
2 Points = One major slip (one full serving of a cheat during the day)
1 Point = One full cheat meal (but no other cheats throughout the day!)
0 Points = Multiple Cheats throughout the day

Bonus Points
Take at least 2.5mg of Fish Oil = +.25 points
CrossFit WOD or workout on your own (Cannot double up) = +.25 points
Spent 20+ minutes on mobility outside of class time = +.25 points
7+ hours of sleep = +.25 points
Drank at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water = +.25 points

Possible NEGATIVE points
Worked out but failed to have a post workout protein + carb source = -1 point
Consumed 1-2 alcoholic drinks = -1 point
Consumed 3-4 alcoholic drinks = -2 points
Consumed 4+ alcoholic drinks = -3 points