Nutrition Challenges

2020 Fall Nutrition Challenge

We are excited to announce the next CFS Fall Nutrition challenge! This 6-week challenge will be PERFORMANCE based, meaning that there will be a strong emphasis on fueling properly, hydration and recovery. It will also coincide with the new CrossFit Games Open schedule, which starts in October. If you plan to take the Open seriously (or want to improve from last year), this is a great time for you to dial in your nutrition. If you are looking to lose weight, improve body composition, or just eat healthier, this challenge is also for you

Also, back by popular demand, this one will be team-based, and participants will be assigned teams for motivation and accountability. Rules will be wellness-based without super strict guidelines to help you learn to balance social obligations, work, travel, and healthy living for the long term.

The kick-off lecture will be held at CFS on Saturday, September 28th at 11am. You wont want to miss this lecture, as we will discuss challenge guidelines, meal prep/shopping tips, recipes, and how to access the challenge group via Facebook. The challenge will officially launch on Sunday, October 6th and will end Sunday, November 17th at midnight. Be sure to bring your questions and sign up online. The challenge is $20 to participate, with all proceeds given to the winning teams. Don’t wait until the new year to take control of your diet!

Important info below
Challenge Overview, Rules & Point System
Meal Prep Guide
Pre/Post Workout Nutrition Tips
Grocery Guide List
Sample Meal Plan

There is a $20 buy-in required to help hold you accountable. All money collected goes back to the winners.

What You Can Expect
• Measurements, weigh-ins & photos taken at beginning & end of challenge
• Benchmark workouts pre and post challenge
• Accountability buddy
• Daily food logging & point tracking
• Personalized feedback from Registered Dietitian (at least 2x throughout challenge)
• Weekly bonus challenges
• Advice on how to transition post-challenge

To track food & points, click HERE.