Climbing Buddies

#TBT to Coach Tom running the Yulefest 5K with team “Southie Slay Riders”!

Warm Up
Partner Up!
P1 – Row 350m
P2 – MB Plank Rolls

Partner MB Tosses
-Chest Pass
-Side Toss
-Soccer Ball Throw
-Keg Toss
-Burpees Toss
-Lunge with Lateral Toss

Partner Abs
2 Rounds
10 of each
-Seated Side Pass 10 each
-Seated Chest Toss in Seated Pike Position
-Leg throws
-Med Ball Sit-Up to Pass – 20 Reps


Partner WOD (30 Minute Cap)
3 Rounds
1000m Row
20 Devils Press, 2×50|35
6 Rope Climbs

-Partition the reps between partners.

Level 3- 40|25, 4 Rope Climbs
Level 2 – 30|15, 10 ft Climb
Level 1 – 20|10, Pull to Stands
ADV- 2×70|50, Legless

Extra Work – Active Recovery
Bike Cals
Row Cals

Short on Time? – Start at 24 or 21