Clean Complex

Warm Up – 10 minutes
3 rounds of the Burgener Warm Up
3 jump shrugs (1-2-3 triple extension)
3 jump shrug pulls (4-5-6 elbows up)
3 muscle snatches (7-8-9)
3 jump and lands (10-11-12, with the bar overhead)
3 hang power snatches

Strength – 25 minutes
Ascending in weight on the complex
1 x Power Clean and Push Press
1 x ¾ Power Clean and Push Jerk
1 x Full Squat Clean and Split jerk

The feet should land in the same position for all three cleans.  If you are to wide or split, lower the weight and work on your footwork.

WOD – 20 minutes
3 Rounds
7 muscle ups
14 Box Jumps (30/26)
21 GHDs

Scale the muscle ups to a manageable number or complete 3 c2b pull ups and 3 ring dips for each muscle up.

After Party – 500m row test